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  1. Should I take the exam?
  2. Days before exam? Do you feel that you know everything?
  3. Which of the following gastric arteries affected by splenic artery pressure?
  4. Pleomorphic gram-negative bacilli grown from the eye discharge
  5. Step 1 Score 90/213; Should I continue fighting?
  6. Candida and hyperalimentation!
  7. Free USMLE Pathology Course
  8. How long it takes to get above an average score in Step 1?
  9. DNA Replication; Leading and Lagging Strand Animation
  10. Mutation in 5'UTR
  11. Disclosing HIV status to employers or customers!
  12. "Anki" software for flashcards
  13. Islamabad Prometric conducts exam only on Wednesday and Thursday!
  14. Stop Step 1 Prep and do the CS!
  15. Growth from the back of a neonate!
  16. Reaction to antifungal treatment!
  17. Step 1 tips for remembering difficult-to-remember important topics
  18. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Arterial Obstruction!
  19. HIV Patient with these skin lesions
  20. What's your diagnosis of this skin condition?
  21. Phenylalanine-restriced diet; Which amino acid to supplement and why?
  22. NBME 7 Question
  23. PAH Clearance Error in Pretest Physiology
  24. Pulmonary lavage after three days of smoking!
  25. Should I do Kaplan Qbank?
  26. Burn Out by Prep!
  27. Sick of reading microbiology
  28. Refusal to eat
  29. Writing down on the laminated paper during the exam
  30. Mean Arterial Pressure versus Mean Systemic Filling Pressure?
  31. Genetic liability and risk of genetic disease
  32. Moving on from CK to Step 1
  33. Trying to understand membrane potentials and equilibrium potentials
  34. USMLE E-Book - 36 Pages - Good or Bad ?
  35. Goljan RR vs Floating Goljan Notes?!
  36. Which of these gene mutations!
  37. Should I get new first aid 2012?
  38. Kaplan Neuroanatomy Videos useless!
  39. What cell surface markers expected on these T cells!
  40. University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tirgu-Mures, Romania
  41. Radiology material for Step 1
  42. How I passed Step 1 in 54 days, tips
  43. bilateral multiple white spots surrounded by hemorrhage on funduscopy
  44. Got My Score Today 228/98
  45. Pins and Needles sensation, which chemotherapy drug?
  46. Took exam on Saturday, When to expect my score?
  47. maximal urine excretion and minimal water intake
  48. Romania Medical Student Gearing up for USMLE
  49. Mixure of neurlogical findings!
  50. Abdominal pain, Hypertension, Raynaud's, and Mesenteric Aneurysm!
  51. Clostridium difficile
  52. Need motivation
  53. Is Kaplan that bad for patho?
  54. Aiming to take Step 1 at the end of Oct.
  55. Minimal step 1 books in Delhi
  56. How long it takes to finish USMLE World?
  57. Should I save my exam results
  58. NBME12 Question
  59. Histology slide of brain cells!
  60. Discovered several healed fractures after car accident!
  61. Severe atherosclerosis and failure of bypass!
  62. The Mechanism of action of Gastrin?
  63. Eye fixed downward and outward, what cranial nerve?
  64. T Cells Lacking CD3!
  65. hypertension, hypernatremia and hypokalemia
  66. examtaker step 1 experience
  67. Getting a 75% in u world but only 68% in kaplan..
  68. Exam in ONE week !!
  69. Hypervitaminosis A and Convulsions
  70. B6 Deficiency and Convulsions
  71. Life long history of chronic lung infections!
  72. My Step 1 Journal- Island Crazy
  73. The free 150
  74. Increased bronchial markings?
  75. Which is harder NBME 11 or 12?
  76. Nerve Lesion Q
  77. aortic insufficiency
  78. cells that arise from arachnoid cells
  79. Jaundice and fever and gallstones!
  80. Investigating a high 5HA!
  81. Please take my father to the OR!
  82. OCD and Defense Mechanisms!
  83. target cells
  84. Exam format???
  85. what all to take to the exam?
  86. Please Mention the Source of the questions asked on this forum..??
  87. mitral valve prolapse
  88. Those taking the exam in January 2012 gather here
  89. metabolic acidosis/alkolosis how to tell?
  90. exam in one and half month
  91. Environmental Pathology Question
  92. Lifelong supplementation in total gastrectomy?
  93. Most concentrated urine in absence of ADH
  94. Vessels in parallel, calculate the resistance
  95. Exam in 11 days. HELP!!!
  96. NBME 12 discussion
  97. 12-Carbon Fatty Acid Oxidation!
  98. 5' utr!
  99. nbme ...... which 1 n when ?????
  100. eggshell calcification of hilair lymph nodes in silicosis
  101. alexia and agnosia
  102. the most common nephrotic syndrome in adults
  103. cardiac output
  104. stuck with same score!
  105. which drug ?
  106. catalase positive organisms and CGD
  107. USMLErx VS Kaplan Qbook???
  108. mistake in FA 2011?
  109. What is coronary risk ratio? How to intepret the results?
  110. Best next step in PDA newborn
  111. median and ulnar nerve lesion
  112. Cancer and Gene
  113. Cancer in a smoker with asbestos exposure!
  114. Which of these oncogenes with Tyrosine Kinase Epidermal Growth Factor Acitvity!
  115. APO E4 in Alzheimer's
  116. Hypoparathyroidism vs. Hyperphosphatemia
  117. Doing USMLE World while at Kaplan!
  118. 450 on NBME Form 11!
  119. Histology and cell biology quick review
  120. JVP and S1 Sound correlation
  121. Reversing Neuromuscular Blockage!
  122. Hysterectomy Ureter Injury and Arterial Ligation!
  123. frameshift mutation in cystic fibrosis
  124. Two high yield Respiratory Physiology Questions!!!
  125. Nerve injury in mid shaft humeral fracture
  126. Drug of choice for Hypertension in an asthmatic, hyperkalemic, renal impaired patient!
  127. Right Common Carotid Artery versus Internal Jugular Vein
  128. Paranoid and Hallucinating after a pill!
  129. Mystery Shortness of Breath!
  130. Muscle Fatigue and a Chest X Ray!
  131. Brain injury causing sleeping disorder!
  132. Generalized versus Specialized Transduction
  133. Rapid Review vs General and Systemic Patology Goljan Notes.
  134. Which is closer to the exam; FA Q&A or Kaplan Qbank?
  135. study partner in the greater Boston area
  136. Cooldude2011 step 1 experience
  137. Fetus in utero.
  138. Scored 212 usmle step1 :(
  139. Draw an action plan from Step 1 to Residency
  140. NMBE and Q Banks for Step 1
  141. Little nuggets
  142. Sacrococcygeal Teratoma; from neural crest!
  143. U world again and again??
  144. Clinical neuro anatomy made rediculously simple??
  145. Pleasant Personality and talks 3-word sentences!
  146. FINALLY! Found a legit way to REDO UWORLD!
  147. How do I delete threads?
  148. Cyanosis in Right heart failure
  149. Fanconi syndrome
  150. NBME 12 Concept - Child Development
  151. Question about anion gap in metabolic acidosis.
  152. why cola-colored urine in PSGN
  153. NBME - answers?
  154. NBME 1 Concept - Respiratory Physiology
  155. DrDivz step one experience
  156. genetic Q
  157. NBME 12 Concept - not the same question - Behv.Science - 3
  158. NBME 12 Concept - not the same question - Behv.Science -2
  159. NBME 12 Concept - US Preventative Health Care
  160. low step 1 score
  161. Improving the prognosis of Chronic Renal Failure?
  162. greeting everybody
  163. Trying to redo UW ?
  164. my score 221/94
  165. immunology of leprosy
  166. nernst equation
  167. Have completed step 1 ..feeling free:-)
  168. Neural anatomy , Kaplan or High Yield?
  169. For people who are taking step 1 in next 2 to 3 weeks.
  170. Is 219/93 OK?
  171. Pompe's Disease what type of cardiomyopathy?
  172. Review My Site!!!
  173. Quinidine and paradoxical tachycardia?
  174. End Diastolic Pressure and End Diastolic Volume
  175. Those who want to take step1 in November or December?
  176. The USMLE Step 1 & me...I'm done!!!
  177. Where do I stand?
  178. Books issue. PLZ HELP!!!
  179. Postponed Exam step 1 due to technical issues
  180. complete bone growth
  181. myxedema in hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism?
  182. HPV and koilocytic cell!!
  183. antimicrobial drugs, Kaplan or MRS?
  184. Reviwe for Newbie!
  185. How should I move on?
  186. Acetylcholine at the sympathetic nerve ending!
  187. Confused about buffering for CO2 transport
  188. seperation anxiety disorder
  189. Study subjects and changing the working light brightness! Type of bias
  190. Pheochromocytoma, Thyroid Diseas, and Oncogenesis!
  191. Increased Radioactive Iodine uptake!
  192. 2 Weeks enough to memorize FA?
  193. What do you think about NBME 5?
  194. recurrent fever versus undulent fever
  195. VDRL false positives
  196. how can i change my Identification is ECFMG?
  197. Hemostasis video
  198. Inc in 2,3BPG
  199. Baroreceptor Reflex Control of Blood Pressure
  200. Beading on ERCP; Describe the disease?
  201. Where do you Auscultate for papillary muscle dysfunction!
  202. Score correlation
  203. Seeing the devil and talking with god
  204. Can you locate this abdominal mass?
  205. hemolytic anaemia & glycolytic enzyme deficiences ?
  206. Increased Urine Output after Pituitary Tumor Resection!
  207. Prognosis of Prostate CA!
  208. kaplan qbank self assessment test- score prediction
  209. defence mechanism
  210. NBME Self-assessment Tests [GUIDE]
  211. How to study CT and MRI images
  212. nbme ???
  213. Celiac Disease
  214. hypopitutary or hyperpitutary in pitutary adenoma?
  215. score of 73 in u world ....good enuf?
  216. nbme forms
  217. request to admin of forum
  218. HT a cause of Valvular diseases?
  219. PPRF injury !
  220. What after doing the first time??
  221. MCC of Hypocalcemia
  222. imcv Step 1 Journal
  223. To step takers Advice needed...Pls Help !!!
  224. Thiamine deficiency
  225. pco, dec aromatase or dec aromatase?
  226. What is the mechanism of forming hypersegmented neutrophils in megaloblastic anemia?
  227. behave sc suggestion plz
  228. most important factor causing increasing frequency and severity of his Pseudomonas infection
  229. Triquetrum Step 1 Journey
  230. Which Brachial Plexus Cord!
  231. Loss of a loved one
  232. Vitamin deficiency and bleeding gums and a biochemical process!
  233. Headache, Diarrhea, Hallucinations, Hypertension, and Tremor!
  234. Inferior Frontal Gyrus Stroke!
  235. Causes of female pseudohermaphroditism
  236. Effects of Angiotensin II on GFR, RPF, and FF
  237. Steroids: cytoplasmic vs nuclear receptors
  238. Kaplan behavioral sciences videos longer than the book!
  239. Got an insanely hard test and failed. Should I give up?
  240. Delirium; Anti-cholinergics, EEG, and Dementia difference!
  241. what can we write in our note board before the exam?
  242. Blunt Injury with labeled CT Scan!
  243. Thyroid patient with bleeding gums!
  244. Does Kaplan QBank make sense if you don't study from Kaplan LN?
  245. nbme 12 score
  246. Should i go for kaplan qbank after uworld?
  247. Bleeding time in Vit K & C deficiencies
  248. NBME 7 concept (spoiler)
  249. NBME 12 Concept; Steroid binding to cellular component!
  250. "Incomplete" USMLE Attempt!