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  1. How does elevated unconjugated bilirubin cause jaundice?
  2. THYROID HORMONE interesting question!
  3. Help with Neuroanatomy/ NeuroPathology Atlases/images?
  4. Peau d'Orange in breast cancer - multiple causes?
  5. Episodes of confusion and a blank look
  6. PKAs for each amino acid!
  7. Falling asleep when she hears the tape of ocean sounds
  8. my plan for last month, need your input, what do u think?
  9. Difficult Behav Sc 4 me
  10. Absent Thymic Shadow and No Humoral Immunity; DGS versus SCID
  11. The difference between heterozygote and homozygote
  12. Challenging question: How long the drug would be effective?
  13. Calculating the Interstitial Fluid Volume
  14. Calculating the odds ratio
  15. Drug of Choice for Biliary Colic
  16. Primary adrenal insuficiency and Darrow Yannet Diagram
  17. Lung Compliance Curves!
  18. Hb Oxygen Dissociation Curve Question
  19. Pharmacology Trouble!
  20. What is the range of prediction for the NBME forms?
  21. Can you locate this spinal cord lesion!
  22. Effect of increaasing Upper limit on PPV
  23. What to take with Fentanyl!
  24. Point of fascia insertion in the bones!
  25. A 30 y/o woman with depressive symptoms
  26. This is the codon, what will be the mRNA!
  27. If the precapillary arteriolar resistance increases!
  28. Few questions after finishing my physiology class
  29. Today i got a prize from conrad fischer in manhattan
  30. Effects of Epinephrine and Phenylphrine on Diastolic Blood Pressure!
  31. Pharmacokinetics of Inhalation Anesthetics
  32. How much more prep do I need to get into the 240 range
  33. Point mutations for genetic disorders!
  34. Which drug to prevent further osteoporosis in this lady!
  35. NBME and UWSA score !
  36. How do I maximize my score at this point
  37. Which mutation responsible for these clinical features!
  38. How can Berger's disease and Henoch-Schonlein purpura cause damage?
  39. corpus luteum in pregnancy?
  40. question from kaplan small group workshop
  41. Immunology Question (IL-2 or Aldesleukin)
  42. Recurrent Neisseria; C5 or C6?
  43. If the thymus atrophy then how do we get T cell development in adulthood!
  44. Boas sign in Cholecystitis
  45. Three Pharmacokinetic Questions
  46. PaO2 decreases as Hb Falls
  47. Differentiating Schizophrenic disorders from Mood Disorders
  48. doubt regarding usmle consult ..
  49. My exam experience!
  50. Biostatistics #19 - Screening tests (part b)
  51. first aid before uworld
  52. Biostatistics #18 - Screening tests
  53. Biostatistics #17 - RR and Attributable risk
  54. Behavioral Sc. - Defense Mechanism
  55. Behavioral Sc. - Sleep disorder question
  56. ∆F508 mutation for CF means...
  57. Am I ready!
  58. Why we use a diuretic in nephrogenic DI!
  59. Cardiac output/venous return curves question
  60. NBME Form 12 Offline Score Prediction!
  61. Step 1 in 2 weeks!!!
  62. GIT Question
  63. Cushing Reaction/Response!
  64. Biochemistry and Genetics For Step 1
  65. Please guys is this good strategy to get a 99?
  66. Did the writers of HY Neuroanatomy forget basic anatomy?
  67. Stomach Gross Pathology Question
  68. Biostatistics #16 - Conclusions from this study
  69. Cardiac pathophysiology question #2
  70. Biostatistics #15 - Outbreak of gastritis
  71. Cardiac pathophysiology question
  72. H.Mole and Risk of Choriocarcinoma
  73. Why hyperprolactinemia in Thyroditis!
  74. Osteoporosis vs Ostepenia vs Osteomalacia vs Rickets
  75. Milk alkali syndrome and bone loss
  76. The value of PreTest Series
  77. How to review NBME????
  78. The risk of being heterozygous!
  79. Gonadotropin hormone changes in Polycystic Ovarian Synrdome
  80. Spinal cord cross section - lesion sites
  81. What is USMLE?
  82. Where is the lesion CT Scan question?
  83. How to manage reviewing books with uworld?
  84. buzzwords for step 1!
  85. USMLE Blocks are they random!
  86. How to make sure that you will remember the knowledge from the question banks?
  87. Exam on June 14
  88. Amino acid sequence and hemoglobin structure
  89. Taking USMLE Step 1 in China!
  90. Low score in uworld
  91. Central Pontine Myelinosis
  92. Why triphasic response after cutting the pituitary stalk!
  93. The value of USMLE World second time score performance!
  94. How reliable is USMLERx Simulation Test?
  95. Sputum Cytology Question
  96. Anion gap question
  97. Nephron part most permeable to water!
  98. Biostatistics #14 - Screening test
  99. Biostatistics #13 - Probability and cholesterol
  100. why there is hemolytic anemia with acanthocytes in vitamin e deficiency
  101. nbme 7 mannose binding lectin
  103. Biostatistics #12 - Probability of urinary tract infection
  104. Biostatistics #11 - Type of study (4 question)
  105. uworld and nbme
  106. Immersed in Immunolgy
  107. Lung Gross Pathology Question
  108. FA, Goljan, and UW; Simultaneously or one by one!
  109. Is it possible in 3 months
  110. Scar tissue formation and wound healing
  111. kaplan notes at cheapest rate
  112. exam in 3 days! help!
  113. Neuroanatomy - dissection of the aorta and paraplegia
  114. Biostatistics #10 - Normal curve 2
  115. Biostatistics #9 - Confounding, effect modification and adjusted analysis
  116. Kaplan videos 2 times faster
  117. Genetic Imprinting Help
  118. I did UWSA-1 today, 238/590
  119. Am I ready to get 250+ in Step 1!
  120. Histology lung question
  121. Biostatistics #8 - Type of study 2
  122. Biostatistics #7 - Case Fatality and Crude/Cause-specific mortality
  123. The principal component of this proteinuria!
  124. Prostaglandins effect on cyclic AMP?
  125. What vascular pathology expected in this hypertensive patient?
  126. Rheumatic Fever causing MS or MR?
  127. Sympathetic stiumulation effect on kindney
  128. Biostatistics #6 - Type of study
  129. Biostatistics #5 - Interpreting a normal curve
  130. A bacterium lacking superoxide dismutase, catalase, and peroxidase
  131. Recombination frequency and LOD Score!
  132. Which subjects to study first ?
  133. Biostatistics #4 - Interpreting a Risk ratio
  134. Step 1 finished. My thoughts
  135. Polyuria unresponsive to water deprivation test
  136. NBME Expiry Date
  137. Three cysts in each kidney!
  138. How to calculate the offline NBME score
  139. Differential diagnosis of breast carcinoma!
  140. ARBs ACE inhibitors AND PROTEINURIA
  141. Biostatistics #3 - Screening test
  142. Biostatistics #2 - what test should I use?
  143. Biostatistics #1 - triglyceride levels and degree of atherosclerosis
  144. Anatomy Low Yield Subject for Step 1!
  145. 530 in NBME??????
  146. Hypothalamus nuclei -mindmap
  147. Graduation from Russia
  148. 254/99 and 230/99 got our step1 score today
  149. After lots of stress got 99/232!
  150. A kid with a positive Chvostek response!
  151. UWorld 56% and UWSA1 219
  152. Can you diagnose this blood film picture #5?
  153. Losing Internet connection while doing NBME
  154. Mobile bacteria???
  155. Review Notes, Lecture Notes, Video Lectures
  156. Finally got the score :)
  157. Windows cannot extract the free 150 software!
  158. Remained asleep despite the alarm ringing!
  159. Source of Infection after visiting "red light" district
  160. Freshman high school girls sex ed question
  161. 62 Year Old Man with: Dyspnea/Tachypnea/Fever
  162. 1st day @ kaplan accademy
  163. HDN Caused by Mother's O Type Blood?
  164. T.P.R
  165. Types of scales and Stats tests?
  166. So mad, I don't understand biostats
  167. Final reading of pathology, is FA enough?
  168. Can't understand the effects of drugs working on Serotonin
  169. If you don't die after're done with genetics!
  170. How to identify axial MRI of knee joint??
  171. Freaking out about biochemistry
  172. Thalassemia differentiation
  173. Funduscopic Images Question!
  174. Can you diagnose this blood film picture #4?
  175. Nbme 11
  176. When to stop doing questions?
  177. Can you diagnose this blood film picture #3?
  178. cause of lacunar infarction?lipohyalinosis or carotid atherosclerosis
  179. mucopolysaccharidosis Type II & genetics
  180. Phenylketonuria and genetics
  181. Interleukin responsible for Class switching to IgG
  182. Abdominal Pain and this Urine Sample!
  183. The most likely lung cancer in a smoker!
  184. Dominant Negative Mutation
  185. NBME questions have different weights!
  186. Can you diagnose this blood film picture #2?
  187. Exam in a week!
  188. Why doesn't RhoGam bind to the baby's RBCs?
  189. Can you diagnose this picture #3?
  190. Can you diagnose this picture #2?
  191. Dr Francis Pass Program, he shouts a lot!
  192. Should I do Gunner Training?
  193. Can you diagnose this blood film picture?
  194. Latest Rapid review editon?
  195. Vitamin deficiency picture question
  196. Pleural Fluid Findings Question!
  197. Genetic Counseling of CF Parents
  198. Autosomal Dominant Inheritance Question
  199. Differentiating Cardiac from Skeletal Muscle fibers in EM?
  200. Russian Graduates
  201. Bad USMLE World Score
  202. Coma Vs Brain Death Vs Vegetative
  203. Calculating the risk of cleft palate for these parents
  204. Syndactyly Pedigree question
  205. congenital pyloric stenosis risk factor question
  206. Why serotonin causes fibrosis of mitral valve in carcinoid syndromes?
  207. Please Help: Histologic Inclusions/descriptions for the step 1
  208. What is the similarity between Hyperclcemia of malignancy and Diabetes insupidus?
  209. Stop codon HELP!
  210. Another question about Normal Gaussian Distribution
  211. Lange Q&A or another Qbank?
  212. Adreno-genital syndrome
  213. Studying Radiology and X rays for the Step 1
  214. Laminated Concentric Calcific Spherules!
  215. Systolic blood pressure and confidence interval
  216. What is the Normal USMLE World Rate of Progress?
  217. Suggestion for summer study plan
  218. Enough Time on the real USMLE Step 1 Exam?
  219. Prometric Center in Miami
  220. Should I stop UW and go back to my FA?
  221. Goljan Audio & Transcript Only?
  222. Concentric vs Eccentric hypertrophy?
  223. Correct questions per block of 50 to get 99
  224. Oxygen Dissociation Curve for Carbon Monoxide and MetHemoglobin
  225. Bacterial Vaginosis; An STD or Not!
  226. Treatment vs control, the interpretation of the p-value
  227. Is this drug effective for heartburn!
  228. Mixed Venous Oxygen Content
  229. The polymerase responsible for Adenovirus genome replication!
  230. All-cause mortality rate, prevalence and case fatality rate question!
  231. Cross-Sectional study Question
  232. The effect of heart rate on systolic and diastolic pressures?
  233. Where to get USMLE Step 1 Exam Tutorial
  234. Look at the chest x-ray...what do you think?
  235. Ectopic pregnancy on which OCP!
  236. What to do last week before Step 1?
  237. UWSA Question about wich set of primers for the PCR
  238. Woman with Recent Hx of South Asia Travel
  239. Should I do Goljan RR at this point?
  240. Iranian Woman with an Esophageal problem!
  241. Am about to start, should I do Robbin's?
  242. Anatomy book little more detailed than Kaplan
  243. How to Strikeout Text in Real USMLE Exam
  244. What is Categorical Data?
  245. Screen shots on a Mac
  246. UWSA score
  247. How come normal saline for DKA if Chloride causes metabolic acidosis?
  248. Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome, SCID but increased IgE, IgA?
  249. Left Frontal Parasagittal Cerebral Hemorrhage!
  250. Histopathology slides from the neck of an infant?