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: USMLE Step 2 CK Study Partners

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  1. Sp needed, exam in a month
  2. female sp for UW
  3. Female Study Partner, EST
  4. Motivational Study Partner
  5. CK study partner (Begining/intermediate)
  6. SP for CK, eastern time
  8. study partner- india
  9. Step2CK U world - SP required
  10. Femal sp
  11. full time sp for UW notes
  12. Female SP available
  13. Uworld CK note review
  14. Step 2 ck study partner Est
  15. Looking for SP
  16. Motivational-silent study partner
  17. Tutor available for step 1 and step 2 CK.
  18. Study partner
  19. looking for a female sp for uw exam in april
  20. Study Partner in NY
  21. Female study partner in Santa barbara, CA.
  22. Looking for SP in Toronto/GTA
  23. Study partner for step 2 beginner
  24. Beginner Step 2 study partner
  25. Sp in Los Angeles California
  26. female study partner for uworld notes.
  27. Female sp for Ck in Seattle
  28. Sp for uworld
  29. Sp for Step 2CK Kaplan Q bank
  30. Hamilton Canada Live SP needed
  31. Female sp uw
  32. EST need sp for uw notes for 1-2hrs starting 7am or 8am
  33. uw note sp early morning EST
  34. serious sp for Ck central standard time
  35. Skype Tutor available!
  36. Skype Tutor available!
  37. Best Tutor ever @ very reasonable price EST.
  38. Looking for Step 2 CK SP for newyork!!
  39. female uw notes study partner EST
  40. Female uworld sp
  41. HYDERABAD-Study Partner
  42. SP for latest CMS discussions
  43. Dedicated SP for CK
  44. Serious SP in or around Huntington, WV or skype
  45. Study partner
  46. Female Online uw sp
  47. Need SP for doing UW for step 2 CK
  48. sp for CMS pacific time zone
  49. female SP for OMD/UW
  50. Free 150 USMLE questions?
  51. Female sp do ck
  52. Uw random
  53. CK questions daily 2 hrs central time
  54. Study partner for MTB 2
  55. Need sp for uw or uwnotes
  56. Female SP for step 2 CK , IST
  57. Looking for sp to do omeded notes/videos & uw!!!
  58. CMS solving
  59. Study partner uworld
  60. uw sp for pediatrics/surgery/biostat sp
  61. sp for CMS pacific time zone
  62. Step 2 CK
  63. Eastern Time Zone Female SP required
  64. Step 2ck
  65. looking for a dedicated sp!
  66. SP for uw notes
  67. sp for uw notes btw 12noon -4pm est
  68. UW notes 2hr/day
  69. SP for uworld CK
  70. SP for Uworld 2nd Round
  71. Sp for Uworld ck note Obgyn and F&M part
  72. Cms
  73. Uw subject-wise sp
  74. Eastern Time Zone 8am to 4-5pm Looking For Motivational Female ck SP Skype Motivational
  75. Eastern Time Zone Looking For Motivational Female ck SP Skype Motivational
  76. uw(first round) sp in or around Indian timezone
  77. Study partner for Uworld
  78. Pediatrics uworld sp
  79. Dedicated uw note sp
  80. Advanced Study Partner for Step 2 CK
  81. Study partner for usmle notes.
  82. UW revision Sp
  83. SP for NBME 7 review
  84. Advanced SP for CMS
  85. study partner for ck
  86. Step 2CK study partner need in dallas
  87. SP for UW notes and 2nd round of UW
  88. sp for UW notes
  89. Kaplan lecture note sp
  90. Looking for Step 2 CK Live Study partner in Hamilton area
  91. SP for CK
  92. SP for Surgery
  93. SP for uworld notes
  94. Usmle step 2ck affordable tutor
  95. SP beginner for CK
  96. Live CK sp in chicago
  97. looking sp for uworld PST
  98. study partner of system-wise run through of uw questions
  99. Sp for mixed uw blocks
  100. UW 2nd round
  101. sp for CMS pacific time zone
  102. sp for CMS pacific time zone
  103. Need SP for CK uworld
  104. serious sp for MTB 2 & 3
  105. sp for UW notes
  106. SP for Random UW
  107. SP for UW notes/UW questions
  108. Looking for a SP for CK “I just started studying”
  109. uw sp to revise notes from may
  110. sp for UW notes
  111. Looking for SP over Skype
  112. Whats App Group for Step2 CK
  113. Uworld notes
  114. Uw sp
  115. sp for uw and uwnotes est
  116. Need sp to do system wise studying
  117. Female SP in Mississauga, exam in 2 months
  118. SP for CK
  119. SP for system-wise review
  120. consistent sp for uwnotes and educational objective
  121. serious sp with exam in May for uwck random -2 blocks a day
  122. female sp for cms!
  123. ck sp uw serious only
  124. SP for CMS/MTB/UW notes
  125. Study partener for ck
  126. Study partner for repeating whole uworld in less than 2 weeks,preferably close to exam date.
  127. Ck/cs sp in mississauga
  128. study partner for 3blocks /day offline uworld in 10 days.(Pakistan time zone) Exam in less than 2 weeks
  129. Study Partner for Master the Boards
  130. SP for CMS 3pm-5pm EST
  131. SP for CMS
  132. SP-Review UW notes subject-wise 2-3hrs
  133. 4 am to 7 cst u world
  134. uworld marked on staurdays
  135. Need SP for UWSA1 and UWSA2 review asap please
  136. Need a sp for uworld, beginning. IST 9 pm-1am or EST 10:30am-2:30 pm
  137. anyone interested in doing whole uworld in15 days .Looking for sp interested in repeating it real quick .
  138. sp for uworld notes for 5 hours daily. Exam in less than2 weeks. (no beginners )
  139. uworld step 2ck beginner female 2h/day 5days/week
  140. looking for SP for high yield 2ck notes. US time
  141. sp for uworld notes reading for 2 hours daily.Exam in 10 days
  142. Female sp for final review of uworld
  143. uw sp for beginners
  144. ck sp urgent
  145. sp for uworld revision advanced
  146. Sp for uworld
  147. looking for live sp in chicago
  148. SP for all CMS - central time
  149. Study partner for step 2 ck
  150. SP for Uworld CK
  151. So for uworld pediatrics first pass
  152. Sp for Uworld
  153. looking sp for uworld PST
  154. Study partner (advanced stage) for uworld 2nd round
  155. female sp in Seattle for UW notes
  156. Study Partner for revising UW CK
  157. sp for cms surgery,neurology
  159. Sp fr UW in India
  160. uw and mtb sp-beginner
  161. looking for a sp
  162. Female sp
  163. SP to revise UW tables & quiz each other
  164. SP for STE 2 CK Chicago
  165. SP needed ASAP
  166. SP
  167. Ck study partner
  168. SERIOUS SP FOR CK,beginner.
  169. Looking for serious Step 2 CK study partner
  170. USMLE Step 2 Video Series & qbank by Dr.Conrad fisher sale!!!
  171. Wanted - WhatsApp Study Group
  173. Looking for an SP for UWORLD
  174. beginner,need ck and cs sp
  175. Beginner FEMALE SP
  176. Serious study partner for step 2 CK
  177. Commited SP for CK Uworld
  178. Early morning 6-8am est time zone female sp
  179. Sp for late evening
  180. Usmle step 2CK partner needed.
  181. step 2 ck recalls
  182. Study Partner for Uworld
  183. Study partner (advanced) for CK
  184. Group study for Step-up 2CK
  185. Uworld Study Partner for CK
  186. * 2nd time UW review study partner needed !!
  187. Female sp for all uworld notes
  188. Study Partner for UW CK
  189. daily beginner study partner needed over skype
  190. Study partner for step 2ck
  191. Female SP for first round ck uw needed Please
  192. Need SP to go through Uworld note
  193. whatsapp grp for USMLE STEP2 CK
  194. SP for step 2 CK (Chicago preferred)
  195. Step 2ck 2nd round study partner
  196. CK study partner needed in Mississauga EST
  197. Female sp to do uw notes.
  198. observership
  199. study partner for uworld notes for 8-9 hpurs daily (excluding breaks).Someone in the final stages of preparation and in pakistan/indian time zone preferably.
  200. Dedicated sp for CMS and old nbme forms asap 6am-12pm EST
  201. Uworld questions
  202. Need a dedicated full time SP for CK
  203. Dedicated & Advanced SP
  204. Study partner
  205. study partner for uworld Qx ET
  206. All uworld notes
  207. Female sp in eastern time zone
  208. sp
  209. SP for CK questions
  210. Serious Sp to do uw Imp concepts and discuss NBME's
  211. Step 2ck sp for first round UW
  212. partner for CK studying, Puerto Rico
  213. hi
  214. female sp needed to start studying ck
  215. female sp needed to start studying ck
  216. sp for uw mixed timed
  217. CMS + old NBMEs questions
  218. Step 2 CK SP @India 2nd read
  219. need step-2ck study partner in chennai, India
  220. Step 2 ck whatsapp group
  221. UW sp first round
  222. SP for Kaplan CK videos and Uworld
  223. Study partner 2PM-8PM EST MONDAY-FRIDAY
  224. Step 2 CK Study Partner Needed for UWorld question review
  225. STEP 2CK MTB revision
  226. Looking for a study partner to go over MTB for step 2 CK
  227. Female SP
  228. CK SP for discussions and questions - Exam in Dec
  229. study partner for step ck
  230. Sp for All uw notes.
  231. female sp for uw!
  232. CK SP every morning est time for Uwrold (1 block daily)
  233. Female sp for ck early morning EST time zone
  234. Looking for CK SP ASAP
  235. Step 2 CK tutoring. $10/hr
  236. looking for a study partner or a room mate
  237. CMS and NBME
  238. SP needed in toronto for Step 2 CK.
  239. sp for uworld notes reading for 2 hours daily.
  240. study partner for uworld
  241. Female sp for Step up Medicine
  242. step 2 CK study partner needed- surgery first
  243. live sp near hudson county community college lib, jersey city
  244. Female sp for step up to medicine
  245. Study partner
  246. Looking for responsible SP for Step 2CK - EST Time (morning) 1 block/day.
  247. Sp asap for 2nd round revision step 2 ck!!!
  248. NEED SP ASAP (2nd round)
  249. Beginner female sp
  250. Anybody studying for CK at columbia Uni ny?