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: Sharing Rooms & Housing

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  1. sharing room needed in brooklyn Ny
  2. Chicago Housing
  3. Chicago Housing
  4. Queens,NY - Furn. Room
  5. Looking for a room in Louisville
  6. Housing in Chicago, Fully Furnished
  7. Looking for a room in Detroit near Detroit Medical Centre WSU
  8. Accomodation available in downtown chicago/loop. Females only
  9. Chicago sublet - hyde park -private studio
  10. Roomate in Buffalo, new york -March 2019
  11. Looking for a roommate in cleveland near Case Western University rotation starting from Oct 22
  12. Looking for a room in NYC-bronx, brooklyn or queens
  13. Room available in Bronx
  14. Need a room in Detroit
  15. $1500 credit for 1 BR / 1 BATH apt in NY/NJ
  16. Accomodation in nyc
  17. Looking for single room in Queens, NY.
  18. looking for accommodation near cleveland clinic florida
  19. Looking for Accomodation in Manhattan
  20. FEMALE roommate
  21. looking for accommodation near NYC kaplan centre female roommate
  22. Female - NYC - looking for shared accommodation
  23. New York City Roommate
  24. Room available in Elmhurst, New York city. Girls only
  25. Accomidation near Herbertwertheim college of medicine Miami glorida
  26. Need accommodation in Bronx, near Baychester
  27. Furnished Medical Student Housing Chicago
  28. Looking for flatmate in Brooklyn/jersey city for March 2018
  29. Looking for an accomodation near Mayo clinic phoenix Arizona
  30. Short term accommodation available in Schaumburg
  31. Female Room mate and study partner in Chicago
  32. Looking for room & roomate near University Hospitals
  33. looking for an accomodation - New jersey
  34. Chicago housing near Kaplan & major hospitals
  35. Looking for room/+ roommate near Newyork Queens Hospital/WCMC January 2018
  36. Nyp/wcmc housing
  37. Accomodation
  38. Accomodation near kaplan chicago
  39. looking for roommate for atlanta CS test female
  40. Looking for a room near Heart and vascular institute dearborn, MI
  41. NEED a female room mate in Manhattan, NY for SEPT 2017
  42. NEED a female room matein Manhattan, NY
  43. ROOM SHARING Cleveland clinic Ohio during September
  44. Looking for roommate near Baltimore MD
  45. Looking for roommate(s) Miami August
  46. Accommodation
  47. IMG roommate step 1 study partner kaplan med center HOUSTON
  48. Looking for accommodation near mayo clinic arizona
  49. Looking for housing in chicago
  50. Rooms for rent for a females, Queens NY
  51. Accommodation in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (near Pinnacle Health)
  52. SP and shared accomodation in Atlanta
  53. SP and shared accomodation in Houston
  54. U.S Medical Clerkship Program Summer OFFER - ONLY $999 Per Observership ! YES
  55. Room
  56. Need a room for 1 month in North Bronx/Woodlawn heights/Yonkers, NY (willing to share)
  57. Female roommate in Bronx,ny
  58. looking accomadation near swedish covenent hospital, chicago
  59. 24-29 June LA
  60. female roomate near Downtown Orlando (FLORIDA)
  61. looking for roommates in Houston
  62. Regarding Housing in Miami
  63. Kaplan Chicago
  64. roommate needed in HOUSTON
  65. Looking for a Room for rent Chicago June-Aug Kaplan (FEMALE)
  66. 💦Great opportunity for medical students / IMGs and FMGs.💧
  67. looking for accommodation near kaplan newyork
  68. Female IMG interested in room sharing in Atlanta? June 20th-29th
  69. Looking for accommodation in Brooklyn, NY
  70. Accomodation near kaplan chicago
  71. Private Room with Bathroom $330 Houston
  72. Looking for accommodation close to Mount Sinai, Miami, Florida
  73. June-August Chicago
  74. Accommodation available June in Chicago
  75. room mate needed for chicago from 5th may to the 15th.
  76. Female roommate in Brooklyn, NY
  77. Shared accomodation near Yale New Haven hospital.
  78. Wanted a room at chicago for april 2017
  79. low cost sharing room near in Jersey City close to NYC.
  80. Room Available Near UIC, Rush, Cook County in Chicago
  81. Hotel Room close to LA Step 2 CS center available.
  82. House in Miami near Kaplan center (April-June)
  83. Roommate for Usce in Allegheny Hospital Pittsburgh in April
  84. KAPLAN Experience Feedback???
  85. Chicago Kaplan Review June-August
  86. Short term accomodation near kaplan chicago
  87. Looking for an accommodation nearby Kaplan Test Prep, Houston
  88. Room available in New York, Bronx
  89. Need Female roommate for April in Omaha, Nebraska
  90. Female roommate needed
  91. female partner and accomodation at HOUSTON for MAY
  92. accommodation in NYC please
  93. Step 2 CS Affordable Accomodation
  94. Female roomate and sp at baymont houston
  95. need a room partner for usmle step 1
  96. looking for an accomodation near University Of South Florida.
  97. Room Available for Rent in HOUSTON
  98. Cleveland clİnİc main campus accommodation advise
  99. room offered for sublet or longer in Chicago
  100. Kaplan Chicago>Room Available (FEMALES)!
  101. Kaplan live in Chicago
  102. Room share in houston for CS
  103. Looking for an apartment in NYC.
  104. Apartment/ Rooms for Rent Chicago
  105. Looking for Accomodation at Case Western Reserve University Hospital, Clevelan
  106. Housing Options for Jan 2017 Long term in Chicago
  107. Room near SUNY Downstate and Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center
  108. need a place to rent at new orleans
  109. Female roommate needed to share 1BD in NJ
  110. Female roommate near Weill Cornell for May, 2017
  111. Short term accomodation for female near kaplan chicago
  112. Looking for accommodation Kaplan Pasadena California
  113. Apartment/ Rooms for Rent Chicago
  114. need a room for rent NYC female safe area
  115. Looking for a place to live in Manhattan/Queens/Brooklyn, NYC ( Female)
  116. Housing in Chicago near Kaplan prep?
  117. female roommate in camden nj ,for jan 2017
  118. Looking for a place near Mt sinai NYC
  119. Housing in Chicago near Kaplan live prep
  120. Looking for a shared accomodation in NY
  121. Kaplan Live Prep in Chicago?
  122. Rooms for rent next to JPH Chicago
  123. Looking for a female roommate for renting a room in Brooklyn
  124. Room available near Houston Kaplan Center
  125. roommate in phoenix
  126. Male roommate for Mt. Sinai St. Luke's for Jan'17
  127. roomate at houston baymont inn
  128. Accomation available in E Harlem
  129. Need a female room partner + SP for IVs at NYC
  130. I am looking for accomodation and a female room partner in NY
  131. Sharing room and housing
  132. Need a room in Houston for next 5-6 months
  133. Mount Sinai NYC Room needed
  134. Have: Temp Housing for rotations in Florida;Weston, Fort Lauderdale
  135. Exam on 5th of Oct in Houston
  136. Can I find negotiable rooms around Califirnia?
  137. room to share Houston
  138. Kaplan - NY Center Accommodation Sharing (March-April 2017)
  139. [B]Accommodation Near John Stoger Cook County Hospitals[/B]
  140. looking for a room in Chicago! ASAP!
  141. Looking for room/roommate in DC oct-nov
  142. Houston Live Prep Sept 12
  143. Chicago Cook County Rotation in December 2016
  144. Room sharing in NJ in sep and oct
  145. Room for rent in Brooklyn
  146. Looking for accommodation nearby UNMC Omaha, NE!
  147. looking for housing in pasadena ca
  148. Looking for accomodation nearby Kaplan Pasadena, CA
  149. looking for accommodation/ roommates in Rochester Minnesota
  150. looking for room in Pasadena CA
  151. looking for a room (Aug to Jan), Chicago.
  152. Need Accomodation, 1 month, Detroit, October
  153. Housing or Sharing Room in Manhattan, NYC
  154. Looking for 1 month Accommodation Detroit MI, October.
  155. Buy real Passports ,([email protected])Visa,Driving License,IDs,SSN,marriage certificates
  156. Accommodation in Lexington, Kentucky: August, 2016
  157. need a room in chicago!
  158. Cleveland Accommodation for October
  159. Looking for a room in Philadelphia
  160. Searching a Room for Rent in Lexington, KY
  161. Looking for Housing in and around Manhattan
  162. Need roommate and study partner in chicago (preferably in or near downtown) mid july onwards
  163. Looking for a room in Baltimore for a month
  164. Roommate in Orlando, Florida
  165. Need accommodation near Kaplan Center Washington DC
  166. Queens, NY -Furnished Room for Rent
  167. Large Basement Available (NYC)
  168. Fort. Lauderdale
  169. looking roommate + study partner in chicago
  170. Need accommodation/ roommate in Chicago around Sept 2016.
  171. roomate
  172. Private room in east harlem
  173. Looking for shared accomodation in chicago.
  174. Accommodation Needed in Atlanta
  175. Baymont inn 9th - 16th June
  176. Queens, NY -Immed. June occ.-near all
  177. need roommate
  178. Looking for accomodations/ roommates near the Chicago prep center from Sept 2016
  179. Roommate in Orlando, Florida
  180. Roommate in Orlando, Florida
  181. Roommate in Orlando, Florida
  182. Accommodation in Calgary
  183. roomate in houston near tmc
  184. Queens, NY -Furnished Room for Rent-June occupancy.
  185. Looking for housing in Chicago from May
  186. need a roomate near cooper university,camden,NJ
  187. Roommate in Orlando, Florida
  188. A good accommodation in NY
  189. Need accommodation in Milwaukee, WI
  190. looking for a room or accommodation suggestions near Kaplan DC
  191. Nov 2016, Miami, FIU, Herbert Wertheim
  192. Accommodation for July in Brooklyn NY
  193. Looking for a place to live in Houston for Step 1 prep w/ Kaplan
  194. Need a shared accomodation in chicago
  195. Need a shared accomodation in Chicago
  196. Room mate and study partner in schamburg
  197. Looking For Roommate Who Is Preparing usmle in chicago from may
  198. Looking For Roommate Who Is Preparing usmle in chicago
  199. Room for rent. Berkeley area
  200. accomodation and room mate for cleveland clinic florida
  201. Need a shared accomodation in NYC.
  202. Chicago accommodation june 27th
  203. Room needed, Washington Hights, NYC
  204. Accommodation for female for May in Houston near TMC
  205. Room near Mount Sinai, NYC
  206. Room in Baltimore!!!
  207. Need a room around Bristol/Bensalem/Levittown/Langhorne in Pennsylvania
  208. Studio for rent Jamaica Ests Queens NY
  209. Accommodation near Detroit Medical Centre.
  210. Accommodation near AMC (Atlanta Medical Center)
  211. Shared accommodation with Kaplan student may 2016, Chicago center
  212. April Accommodation in Queens
  213. Please help! Looking for an accommodation in Chicago!
  214. baymont inn on June
  215. Best Accommodation near Los Angles Center
  216. longview, texas
  217. Looking for 1 bed room apartment near Lincoln Hospital
  218. Housing in West Palm Beach Florida
  219. Need a roommate and female study Partner in HOUSTON
  220. Furnished Room-Queens, NY -available April
  221. Florida_Short-term & furnished housing for Females Cleveland Clinic FL & Ross/Merp
  222. room need in san antonio
  223. Accomodation
  224. Default need sp and room mate Houston, exam on June 15th
  225. Furnished Room Available - Queens, NY -March 2016
  226. Accommodation in Bayridge- Brooklyn, NY
  227. please suggest me on accommodation
  228. accommodation near kaplan washington DC center step 1 preparation
  229. need a room
  230. LOOKing for a place in Chicago Downtown for April 2016
  231. Accomidation
  232. looking for room in new hyde park long island ,NY
  233. Looking for housing in Philadelphia
  234. march miller school of medicine
  235. I need a place to stay in Houston for March !
  236. cwru
  237. WANTED: Feb-March 2016 month sublet near Mass General Hospital
  238. Room Available Houston Texas (All Bills Paid)
  239. Female roommate in Houston
  240. Need a room around University Of Missouri
  241. Hotel Sharing for Kaplan CS class in Newark NJ - February 9th to 13th 2016
  242. Need room in Detroit
  243. Looking for shared room in manhattan for may 2016
  244. Queens,NY-Furn. single Room- Immed Occ. Feb. 2016
  245. kaplan live course(Newyork) share accommodation
  246. Room Available All Bills Paid HOUSTON
  247. Best Quality Novelty Passports([email protected])IDs Drivers license, Ssn, Marriage certificates etc
  248. housing roomate needed to prep for step1
  249. Room in Brooklyn
  250. Housing near TGH, tampa