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: USMLE Step 2 CS SP Challenges

  1. I have a step 2 school date- contact me
  2. Physical exam
  3. MMSE - part of physical or to be listed in workup ?
  4. Physical Exam Protocol Questions
  5. How is the new CS test?!!
  6. CS Exam date of your choice
  7. cough in inspiration
  8. Default http: //
  9. phone encoun ter
  10. phone
  11. Typing speed
  12. PMI in Female SP
  13. Challange question 1.
  14. How to perform a PE in a Sickle cell crisis?
  15. Tilt test
  16. Improve your chances with Live prep NEW DELHI
  17. Time for patient note
  18. Mitral Stenosis - High Yeild Topics For USMLE, 10 Points You Should Know
  19. Patient asks if he is going Crazy?
  20. Open-ended questions?
  21. Urine toxicology for SP who denies illicit drug use
  22. light reflex and fundoscopy in photophobic pt!
  23. I answered all the challenging questions
  24. SP Had pain while Auscultating!
  25. how to deal with a crying lady
  26. CS Encounter SP askin for Pain Killer
  27. The SP is talking on the phone!
  28. Don't do physical exam!
  29. Non-compliant SP!
  30. SP Domestic Abuse and Confidentiality?
  31. STD SP refuses to disclose to his spouse
  32. SP wants sick leave for back pain!
  33. Psychiatric Patient Screaming to go home!
  34. HIV patient wants to go back to work!
  35. Is my son faking symptoms
  36. I may fall asleep while carrying the baby?
  37. Joint pain and wants to go back to training
  38. Urinary Incontinence has a flight!
  39. Afraid of hysterectomy
  40. Postpone the tests to later
  41. SP keep looking at his watch during the encounter
  42. Lights off please; I have headache
  43. Running out of Time during closure?
  44. SP is in severe pain!
  45. Can mother be present when we examine her child?
  46. Breaking Bad News to the Patient
  47. challenging question ...can you answer it !
  48. Is true they discard two cases out of the 12 CS cases?
  49. Painful Area Examination in the CS
  50. Challenging Questions for Step 2 CS
  51. How to deal with an angry patient?
  52. Doctor please ... I want to go to the bathroom
  53. Patient is angry!