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cshekar987 03-13-2012 05:35 AM

CS Visa Options
Hi all,

I am starting my prep for USMLE now. Need help about which visa option to choose. I have three options.

1> Whether I should write step 1 and then go for visa for CS.

2> My cousin who is a US citizen will be sponsoring our visitor visa.

For visitor group visa for my family except my dad for tourism purpose.. he will stay back in India because he is a government employee.. my mom and me and my sister would go for visa. my sister is still a student. my mom is a doctor and so is my dad. we have our own polyclinic. I work there too, but i don't have pay-stubs for that. I have recently started working at a hospital, but i don't have pay-stubs for that yet because i get paid in cash there. will this suffice as ties to India? I'm 25 year old an unmarried and 2 years since graduation

Which of this has a better chance of getting visa?

plz plz plz plz suggest..

StepTaker 03-13-2012 07:59 AM

Both options you indicated are B1/B2 Visa (Business/Tourism) Visa. There is no difference in between them.

In any case, you need to convince the Visa officer that you are going to come back to India. So I suggest you ask your parents to produce Pay Stubs for you and to open a bank account and put some money in it.

The fact that you are unmarried is against.

I also suggest that you don't tell the Visa officer that you are going for the CS exam, just tourism with your mom and sister, this would make it easier.

Your status does not matter when you go for the CS exam, all they want is your passport and they don't care which visa you have.


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