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Grxx 04-07-2012 11:29 PM

Doing Multiple Non ACGME with the same J1 visa
Hi members

I have an offer for Non ACGME fellowship in neurosurgical oncology. I did not take step 3 and I will not have time to take it before starting my fellowship so I will go for J1 visa.

My Questions:

1- This fellowship is one or two years. Can I get J1 visa for one year and if I like the position I would extend to the second year??

2- I wanted another fellowship but they sponsored only H1b. my question is: can I get the first fellowship and after one year go to another Non ACGME fellowship in another institute and in a different sub-specialty?

3- Can I start residency after one or two years fellowships with the same J1 visa ?

4- What is the solution to get the second fellowship? I do not want to refuse my my first chance in US and take step 3 to apply for H1b??

Best wishes and regards

Lena 04-25-2012 01:47 PM

From my knowledge (always verify when in doubt)

1) YES
2) depends, does your J1 have a conditional 2 yr "return home" requirement? If so, then no you cant
3) NO you cant.
4) Please explain further. You cant switch from J1 to H1b though.

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