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USMLE Forums Top Ranked Members Monthly Contest
What is it?

USMLE Forums is offering free USMLEConsult™ one month subscriptions!

Each Month;

A total of nine winners each month!

What is USMLE Consult?

USMLE Consult™ is an affordable, powerful USMLE test prep and simulation tool. Pulling content that only Elsevier can provide, USMLE Consult includes sections of text with every question from the products students and residents know, use, and trust: Goljan, Robbins, Netter, Gray's Anatomy, Dorland's, Brochert, Cecil, Nelson, the Rapid Review and Secrets series, among 80 others. The High-yield Hits feature sets USMLE Consult apart from every other online question bank on the market.

Each question bank also comes with a score correlation tool, the Scorrelator™, which provides complete results analysis for each test attempt. A graphical display allows you to place your percentage score on a correlation curve to see how your score correlates with actual USMLE scores. Results breakdown provides a percentage score and a table showing a detailed report of your strengths and weaknesses, right down to the topic level.

Learn more by visiting

How do I participate in the contest?

Any USMLE Forums member posting in any of USMLE Step 1 Forum, USMLE Step 2 CK Forum, or USMLE Step 3 Forum of the USMLE Forums website will enter the contest automatically. To become a member you need to register. Registration to USMLE Forums is free. The more messages you post the more likely you will win!

How do you rank members?

Points are calculated by the following formula; [Reputation Points + Posts Count + Threads Count].

  • Any new post will give one point
  • Any new thread started will give two points
  • Each reputation level point will be counted as one point
  • Every thanks gained will increase reputation level by one point
To learn more details check this FAQ item.

Our Top Ranked Members Page is arranged into sections. Each section represents the top ranked members in each of the USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 3 Forums.

Are all posts counted toward my ranking?

Yes, all posts and threads that you started in any of the participating forums will count toward your total number of points in that particular forum. However, posts that are deleted by the administrators will not be counted. For example; Repeated posts, Unnecessary Thanks posts, Spamming Post, ..etc will be deleted. If we delete a post, we usually do so within 48 hours of posting.

Are ranking points segmented into the Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 3 Forums?

Yes, Each point is segmented by its forum. Which means points and thanks that you earn in USMLE Step 1 Forum for example will not be counted in your ranking points in USMLE Step 2 CK Forum.

If I win, How do I access my free USMLE Consult subscription?

Once you are determined as one of the three top ranked members we will be sending you a special PIN code that you can use to activate your free subscription.

Are USMLE Forums staff members (who usually post frequently) included in the contest?

No, USMLE Forums staff members as well as USMLE Forums advertisers are not included in the contest and they are not listed in our Top Ranked Members page.

What if there are two top ranked members with the same number of points?

If there are two or more members with exactly the same number of points at the end of the month, we'll compare their reputation level if that's also exactly equal we'll choose the one with the higher number of threads started if that's also equal then our only resource is to withdraw one of them by a randomized computer generated withdrawal.

Can I win in more than one forum

Yes, Each forum is regarded as a separate contest. So for example if you are top ranked in USMLE Step 2 CK Forum and Step 3 Forum simultaneously, you will then win a free one month USMLEConsult Step 2 CK Qbank subscription and free one month USMLEConsult Step 3 Qbank subscription at the same time.

Can I win in more than one month?

Yes, The limit is two months. You can win up to two times in the same forum. For example, you can win twice in step 1 and twice in CK forum. However, please remember that points you earned in the previous month will be nullified and you have to start from zero the next month.

Can I delay my USMLE Consult activation

Yes, Your activation code is valid for six months from the date we provide it.

Why did you choose USMLE Consult?

We at USMLE Forums, believe that USMLEConsult™ is one of the best if not the best online question bank that students and residents can rely on to get very high USMLE scores. See previous winners feedback here

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