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  1. IMG Visa Issues
    I am from india , international medical graduate from rep. Of belarus . I gave usmle step 1 exam and then applied under b1/b2 visa for step 2 cs exam , but i was refuse under 214(b) in new delhi . Now i planing to study cardiology in belarus again . I want to apply us visitor visa after one...
  2. ECFMG Forum
    hello, i got all my documents attested and mailed by the university on 23rd april. but till date they have not reached ecfmg office. i contacted the uni and they say that they have posted. now what went wrong?
  3. ECFMG Forum
    I just paid the 50$ fees for the ECFMG certification. Now in the print/reprint documents, I am only provided with IWA Document Submission Form (Form 187). Where can I get the other forms? I am an Indian citizen but it graduation from Belarus. Can someone help me in this regard.
1-3 of 3 Results