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    Teachers commonly ensure they shouldn't for even a moment mess around with any gifts since training is truly amazing. In any case, any instructor's movement – whether or not of kids, youngsters, or adults – is gigantically irksome. It requires gobs of ingenuity, compassion, and sympathy, and a...
  2. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    CHOICES: a) A b) B c) C d) D e) E ANSWER IS C Please someone help me understand this, if BOTH positive charges conductances (efflux of the ions) that are inside the cell are increased by the 1000 fold shouldnt it make the cell more NEGATIVE?? i chose D for that matter. which is wrong. please...
  3. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Hey guys can you plz all tell whats the popular opinion on doing High Yield Cell and Molecular Biology ? The books has so much info on different genes and all..cant do it all. If one has to selected chapters from that book than what would those be? Plz help and reply.
  4. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Hey! So this might be simple stupid question! It's mention in Pathoma that with permanent cells such as Cardiac, Skeletal, Neurons only hypertrophy occurs not hyperplasia such as Hypertrophy in left ventricle in CHF. What about skeletal muscle in children when they are growing? Wouldn't that...
  5. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    If liver cells are in G0 phase then how do we get liver regeneration when the lobes are resected? :confused:
  6. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Lets say the Membrane Potential is -70mv. And lets say the Equilibrium Potential for an ion X, is -90mv So Lets assume the membrane has ungated channels for X, we know that the ion will Efflux. so the change in Membrane Potential will approach -90mV But what if we increased the extracelluar...
  7. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    from kaplan, m confused, what is D and E here? nuclear membrane ? and btw, rest of labelling correct ???
  8. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    My exam in two weeks how to get improved in cell biology and histology, I keep scoring low in my NBMEs :notsure: I am looking for something to do a quick review and improve ! already done FA 4+ finished UW once + repeated incorrects pathoma once Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
  9. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Glucose transporter 2 is not present in which of the following cells 1) hepatocytes 2) PCT cells of kidney 3) BETA cells of pancreas 4) gastro intestinal epithelial cells
  10. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Which of following most affects expression of specific cellular RNAs in the fast growing liver cells of an infant? A Mitochondrial protein B Nuclear transcription factor C Perisosmal protein D Ribosome E Vitamin
  11. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    A protein containing 30 amino acid structural motif with four cysteine residues coordinated to a zinc atom. In which of the following is this structural motif most likely to be found? A) Nucelosome B) Ribonuclease C) Ribosome D) Splicesome E) Transcription factor
  12. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Eukaryotic protein that exist as non-membrane associated, nonglycosyalted, disulfide link dimer in the mature form are generally form in which of follwing? A Cytoplasm B Extracellular space C Mitochondrial space D Nuclear matrix E Nuclear pore
  13. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Ya recently i did few questions in UW, NBME and Pretest which are continously asking some precise information about Reversible and Irreversible Injury. I checked in Rapid view but i think its not as good explained as i require. In FA its given with good points but in very precise manner which...
  14. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    A 35-year-old man who works at a facility processing highly radioactive substances accidentally receives a high, whole-body dose of ionizing radiation estimated to be 1500 rads (15 gray). He dies 1 week later. At autopsy, histologic examination of the skin shows scattered, individual epidermal...
  15. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Question about membrene potential. In the resting cell, let's say membrane potential is -70mV. And I know the concentration of Na+ inside the cell is lower than that of outside. When I apply Goldman equation to this, something's bothering me. When Na+ channel is open, the permeability of Na+...
  16. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    A 56 yr old woman comes to a physician for diffuse mid abdominal pain..on p/e however, she has unimpressive pain on palpation..her lab values are remarkable for leukocytosis...if the pt. is untreated, which of the following characteristics would most likely be found in her intestinal cells...
  17. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    A 62-year-old man was admitted to the hospital with severe retrosternal chest pain that radiated down the left arm. Three days later, he developed a ventricular arrhythmia and died. In the hours shortly after the patient first experienced chest pain, which of the following biochemical changes...
  18. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    A 42-year-old woman presents to the clinic with the chief complaints of weight loss and fatigue. She has a rash on both cheeks that spreads across the nose. Urine analysis reveals both blood and protein in her urine, but she does not complain of dysuria. However, she says that her joints are...
  19. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    A G 1-phase and an M-phase cell are fused together with a Sendai virus. The result is that the chromosomes in the G1-phase cell condense. Which of the following would be a possible cell biological explanation? a. Lamins will be phosphorylated in the G1 cell b. The S-phase activator will be...
  20. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Hi fellow doctors! I was wondering if some of you also have the same feeling as me. I've been trying to study histology, cytology (cell biology) and embryology for last one week..and it seems I am fed up of it! i feel like puking.. its so boring! any idea to escape or some important things to...
1-20 of 78 Results