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  1. USMLE Step 2 CS Communication Skills
    I am used of saying these questions in this way, Do have fever? Do you feel chills? Any headache? Do you have any chest pain? Any difficult with breathing? Cough? Any problems with sleeping? How about urination? Any changes with your bowel? Do you have diarrhea? How about constipation? Any...
  2. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    do you get hot flashes ? i think that is not correct ? how to ask it ? also, how to ask about cold intolerance ? do you feel too much cold these days ? please help
  3. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    Hi all, I am going through both FA and Kaplan to prepare for my CS. I could see that the check lists for history taking are deeply different in that while on FA they have a very long list of questions to be asked, on Kaplan there are just very few key information that are required to be...
  4. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    Hey all For psychotic and depressed patients do we just put mental status exam for work up or actually do the exam? Anyone ever done it?
  5. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    Looking at the blueprints guide, I messed up in a major way with my questions about provocative/palliative factors. In all my cases, I just threw out the broad/vague "does anything make it better or worse?" I think that the SPs wont give you credit for that, you have to ask SPECIFIC THINGS. For...
  6. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    Hi everyone During history taking lets say patient has insomnia and ofcourse there are 100 causes of insomnia for eg stress induced caffeine induced adjustment depression generalized anxiety disorder dysthymia fibromyalgia circadian rhythm sleep disorders other medical problems keeping patient...
  7. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    Just out of curiosity.....what if we did an appropriate HPI/P.E./PN on a depression/normal bereavement case but we forgot to ask suicide risk. (i know that's bad) will this be a heavy blow to the points for that case.
  8. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    Hi, I just started practicing for the cs and my history taking is very disorganized with a lot of pauses during the interview because I have to think. It takes me way more than the recommended 6 to 7 mins. I was hoping somebody could help me out with standard questions that must be asked and...
  9. USMLE Step 2 CS Communication Skills
    I am a little confused on how to take the history from a patient with psychosis.. How to word questions inquiring about all the positive and negative symptoms, disorganized speech and thought patterns etc.
  10. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    Hi everyone, do you do your smoking, drug, alcohol counselling right away, i.e. when the patient mentions that he smokes, or do you wait till the end and counsel him after giving the patient your impression?
  11. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    Hello Which question to ask in failure to thrive?
  12. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    I want to save as much time as I can during the interview and I was wondering if asking vague questions would help me or hurt me more. For example, what you would do in this situation. If you ask a patient for example, "Do you have any medical conditions you have been diagnosed with in the...
  13. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    I am in doubt that for a particular complaint of the SP, how detailed questioning is required? I mean if we ask him/her LIQORAA and common associated things required to make primary diagnosis, is that enough? or we need to ask and document great details. I know this a vague question but i am...
  14. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    page 195, first aid 4th edition question 3rd why ask this question ? i cant find any relevance ...:rolleyes:
  15. USMLE Step 2 CS Communication Skills
    Hello guys, If I have a case of blood in stool, how can I ask about proctitis? Also, how can I ask about anal sex? Or I don't have to ask about it. Because anal sex is the most common cause of proctitis Thanks in advance
  16. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    HPI ROS ALL MED PMH PSH OBGYN FH SH Please correct me.
  17. USMLE Step 2 CS Mnemonics
    Check the attached PDF Files for LIQORAAA and PAM H(ITS) R(OS) FOSS mnemonics. Which will help you in the HPI and Past Medical History respectively.
  18. USMLE Step 2 CS Communication Skills
    Dear doctors , I decided to start my encounter first with some question about past medical history, past surgical past sexual and social with explaining the pt that the reason for that is to get more clues to help me to get to his problems and only AFTER i start with ".. and now i would like...
  19. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    Hey, recent "passers" please advice. I wonder if I can actually look briefly at the clipboard from time to time while interviewing the patient? Some forum people adviced against looking at the clipboard ever. They suggest that it is critical to maintain eye contact ALL THE TIME and even...
  20. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    Would it be awkward if I jotted down some notes while interviewing the patient? Would the SP mind those small moments of silence? I would obviously try to limit them to as few as possible. Or is it better not taking notes at all?
1-20 of 84 Results