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  1. General Topics Forum
    Hello, I hope someone could help me! So I recently got married and had my name changed (which is also updated on my passport). The school I went to for my basic sciences I no longer have affiliation with, and my transcript has my maiden name on it. ECFMG rejected my application due to the...
  2. ECFMG Forum
    So in my passport , I don't have surname Just a name and a middle name During Initial registration , since surname was a mandatory field, I filled in my middle name as my surname However, I am confused if I need to fill form 182 Passport shows Surname: nil Name : James Peter However, I...
  3. ECFMG Forum
    Hey all, I mailed my forms 187/344/345 by express mail from Egypt on Jan 5th and till now have not received a reply acknowledging receipt of the documents. It didn't take this long for my Step 1 application when I mailed my form 186. Is there something I should be worried about? Could it be...
  4. ECFMG Forum
    hello can anyone tell me how many days ECFMG & NBME take to issue new scheduling permit if i change test centre region ?
  5. ECFMG Forum
    Hey just sent my form 187 and others to ECFMG. Our college people after all the necessary formalities give the documents to us to send to ECFMG. The envelope in which the documents were sent has the college seal but on DHL senders name is mine and not my college's. Do you think the application...
  6. ECFMG Forum
    hi evryone, I need to get a document from ecfmg through fedex. my brother has a fedex account. Can any one tell me how exactly i can authorize ecfmg to send me the mail through fedex? Please explain the procedure...:plz::plz: I cant open an account on my own name because in my...
  7. ECFMG Forum
    OK I'll be graduating shortly and getting a provisional degree (which I've learned is NOT accepted by ECFMG.) Supposing I'll be getting my final degree in May 2014, can anyone PLEASE tell me if I have a good chance of being verified by September, 2014? (Applying for 2015 match.) Some please...
  8. ECFMG Forum
    My university recently mailed ECFMG my form 186 via FedEx and it was delivered on 22nd November 2013. Now how am I suppose to know that my form 186 is processed? Are the people at ECFMG gonna email me back ? :confused:
  9. ECFMG Forum
    hello guys, i am waiting for some documents that were sent from ecfmg to my med school...they sent it by regular mail USPS yesterday...How long will it take to arrive here in chennai given that its a metro city:confused::confused:...and i really need ur support guys... thank you..
  10. ECFMG Forum
    hi guys.... i took my exam 5 weeks back.... my result just didnt arive on i called ecfmg and they told me that the score delay was because my home school didnt verify my student status.... but my med school guys say there was no info from ecfmg... looks like i m in a big big trouble...
  11. ECFMG Forum
    Hi, My medical school has changed its name which is updated in IMED directory as alternate name and the seal is also changed. Should I update the name and seal of my med school on ECFMG? How could I do that? I am worried about it. Please help...
  12. ECFMG Forum
    Hello friends..i am wondering when to send my credintial to ECFMG for verifacation? i applied for ecfmg verification online and 60 $ payment has been confirmed..i als received receipt confirmation telling me that my ecfmg application was submitted successfully and received by ecfmg but they...
  13. ECFMG Forum
    Hi guys, please help me. how know step 1 results. they can send me mail in my mail address? or to my ecfmg address? :notsure:
  14. ECFMG Forum
    Hi everyone! After 5 weeks, form 327A has reached my med school, I would now like to have them send it via Fedex. Do any of you guys have information on how to arrange it? Can I just call FedEx with my account # and tell them to show up at my Med school's office to pick up the documents? I...
  15. ECFMG Forum
    my medical school says that no documents have been received for verification yet. but oasis shows that it was sent last yr in october, thats almost a yr back. what do i do now? i heard there is a way to track it by creating a fedex account. does anyone know about that?
  16. ECFMG Forum
    hey guys. before everyone says go to the search bar.i have read that you can successfully change it via the oasis account thanks to other before me. so let me start by telling you what my problem is and then the i live in wisconsin right now.i want to fill out my step 2 cs form...
  17. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Me and my fiancee are going to send our credentials to ECFMG for processing .. my Q is can I send the 2 applications in one envelope or should I send them separately ? I really don't need any delay and I fear doing this might cause some Thx
  18. ECFMG Forum
    Hi folks! I can't take my Step 1 exam within the extended eligibility period. I have a valid Form 186 on file. If I reapply, how long does it take for the ECFMG to give me a new scheduling permit? Anyone had a similar situation? Thanks.
  19. ECFMG Forum
    Hey folks! I'm an IMG from India. My college Dean has changed a month back and I'm concerned that my documents might be rejected by the ECFMG if it's signed by the new Dean! Do you have any idea on how to ask my college to update the status of the new Dean to ECFMG? Is there any particular...
  20. ECFMG Forum
    Did anyone else receive an email from the ECFMG with the subject "your updated scheduling permit is available" The mail contents are as follows. Your REVISED STEP 2 CK SCHEDULING PERMIT IS NOW AVAILABLE on the ECFMG Interactive Web Applications (IWA) website. Discard any previously printed...
1-20 of 155 Results