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  1. IMG Visa Issues
    Dear guys, I need an advice regarding visa matter. I'm an IMG from Indonesia planning to apply this September. I came here (Chicago) february 2012 and I have finished step 1,2ck and cs. As per now, I'm studying under F-1 visa with Kaplan in step 3 course enrollment. However, I got an...
  2. IMG Visa Issues
    Hi there, I am a bit confused about all this visa issue, hopefully i can get ome guidance from this forum. the thing is, i applied for an F1 visa in 2010 as needed for the elective program at Mount Sinai. Unfortunately i didnt get my passport back in time and missed the elective. But my...
  3. IMG Visa Issues
    hello everyone, I am planning to enroll in Kaplan for step 2 ck live lectures...they do give I20 for that purpose... is anyone aware about the visa acceptance rate for F1 from Kaplan?
  4. IMG Visa Issues
    Hello everyone, I am IMG from Indonesia, 2009 grad. I got rejection twice for my student visa for joining Kaplan course. Here is my story, i need review and suggestion to get better chances when i want to reapply. Thanks I have passed step 1 last January after almost one year preparation...
  5. IMG Visa Issues
    Is it possible to complete MPH on a F1 visa and then switch over to H1 for a residency after completing the MPH course? Will I need to come back to my own country for the H1 processing or can i apply while in US? How much time does it usually take to complete the H1 visa process, right since...
1-5 of 5 Results