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  1. Members Feedback
    i know advertisements are the sole method for you guys to generate some revenue and you should do that but i am suggesting that in each subclass of forum there should be a sticky to tell the newbies with the basic info of the steps , the most common links that people normally ask about and etc...
  2. Members Feedback
    Hi , I was just wondering if it would be possible to have polls that incorporate both positive and negative votes. I know good reviews help us decide what Q-banks, books or courses are most helpful, but some of us also have had bad experiences. :notsure: It would be a great way to make sure...
  3. Members Feedback
    Whoever administrators banned shima should bring her back and un-ban her. shima is one of the most helpful members of this forum. I request moderators to bring her back. Thanks
  4. General Topics Forum
    there should be a motivational page on this forum..where all the aspiring usmlers can come in times of despair..and help each other out .....anyone agree with me??????????
  5. Members Feedback
    plz guys include usmle forums in tapatalk support ....i think it was previuosly supported ?
  6. Members Feedback
    Its a very nice forum. Just i had some suggestions. Can you put a option on home page. So some can see posts of all subforum together. As If we post something in a subforum which is not frequently visited by lot of people then our post gets neglected without answer. Hope you guys will look into...
  7. Members Feedback
    It answered many of my questions, i love the "search this forum" tool. Thx for everyone working on it and keeping it simple. :):) Keep up the good work!
  8. Members Feedback
    thank you to this website. m done with ck ...gave exam few days back . i look back. this site helped me alot in prep. forum members and staff- thank you! i found this forum when i was in midst of major depression after break up...and then it became my new gf :D i will write my review soon...
  9. Members Feedback
    do you know what would make this awesome forum even awesomer? A shoutbox what do you think?
  10. Members Feedback
    Attention all members of the forum please for god sake dont post NBME questions without labelling them as NBME questions they are our only self assessment tool none of you would like that your NBME scores predict a good score and then you dont do well on final exam by posting these questions as...
  11. Site Support
    I was one of the 3 top posters last month in the USMLE step 3 forum and have not received an invite for the Q bank? :confused:
  12. Members Feedback
    Hi. I suggest if UFs moderators could compile step 1, CK, CS experience threads in one thread for each exam. This will help all future test applicants to see all threads of particular exam and compare between them. Each day, we have more than 20 new threads, especially step 1 forum, that make...
  13. Members Feedback
    Thanks Usmle-Forums I needed that
  14. Site Support
    does the posted threads get deleted? i posted 2 threads regarding flash cards from conrad i have no reply and they got deleted
  15. Members Feedback
    I've been watching this website for quite a while now. Initially I thought, oh yeah whatever, it must be just like the others or or But day after day, I realize that this website is different, really different. Threads are amazingly well thought and...
  16. Members Feedback
    Hi Guys... I am just another USMLE aspirant like anyone else who has been going thru ups n down during the preparation but i wanna write about something that has constantly helped and held the morale up and that is this Forum. I think its time everyone realized the importance of this forum along...
  17. Members Feedback
    Hello, I've been a silent user of this great forum for quite some time; & only recently have I been seeing ever more increasing amounts of spam in all sections. my 2 cents: 1- make signing up more stringent 2- force moderation of first 5(or any arbitrary number of) posts/threads of every new...
  18. Members Feedback
    Nobody here gives any advice.. You guys just flock to threads where somebody posted a high USMLE score and their preparation.. Or when somebody posts a question Selfish fucks
  19. Members Feedback
    Why did they changed the name of my thread??? I was not asking only for opinions about the book, I was also asking something else... can anybody tell me why did they change the name of my thread? It was not nothing insulting or bad behavior...
  20. Members Feedback
    Worst forums ever.
1-20 of 50 Results