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  1. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    Hi fellows! Did anybody here heard of FMG PORTAL? did anyone used them to find externship/clerckship.? i am thinking about applying with them to find an externship/clerckship. can i trust them, or it is just online piracy? thanks,
  2. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    Has anyone here gone through hands on USCE with FMG Portal? If so, could you please provide your reviews of your experience?
  3. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    I plan to take up the externship program with FMG portal. Could anyone give me more info about the program offered by them ? Or do you have any other company to suggest ? I heard that there are more chances of being matched in the place you do your externship. but there seems to be no university...
  4. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    Hello I wanted to know which one of the two is better? Can people who have done this before give some insight into americlerkship or fmg portal? I am planning to go for one of the two in may next year.. Wanted your inputs. I got to know about usmleforums recently and i am glad i got to know...
1-5 of 5 Results