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  1. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hello guys, I'm an IMG, it had been my dream to get a US residency from the first day in my med school in my home country. I graduated in 2013, I passed my Step 1 in 2013 scoring 222 and had an observership for 3 wks in FM in US. I started to study for Step 2, planning to finish it and CS until...
  2. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hey guys! I think the title of the thread is pretty self-explanatory!! What are the chances of getting into a residency program with just the USMLE (Step 1+2)? And when I say that, I mean really high scores (250+), no publications, no USCE..should I even bother doing the exams?
  3. IMG/FMG Forum
    Hi there, I'm new in this forum. I'm a 36 year old medical graduate from Germany. I graduated in the end of 2007 and worked there for 1,5 years in general surgery. When my first child was born in I stayed at home and my family moved to the US in 2010. I'm a permanent resident now and our second...
  4. General Topics Forum
    hi I'm 2nd year med student in a Middle eastern country, maybe I have a chance to study medicine in Germany, Do u advise me to waste 2 years (1 language, 1 the year I studied in my country) and go for GERMANY? Does this will confuse my route to USA (where my dream is)? or that will boost it?
  5. IMG/FMG Forum
    Anyone in GERMANY preparing for step 1 ????
  6. ECFMG Forum
    Hi guys, my name is like the german last name "Müller". The ECFMG wants me to put my name like it is in my passport in the application, but says also i can just use the 26 latin characters, where "ü" is not a part of it. Does anywone know what i have to do? Thanks a lot for your help!
  7. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    hi everyone..i wanted to know if anyone knows about the procedure of usmle taking place in germany. The main things i want to know are; 1. In which cities does usmle take place 2. The dates of the exams 3. Do they have a crashcourse for usmle 1 preperation Any suggestions will highly...
  8. ECFMG Forum
    2 Questions about Credit Transfer: 1) Has anyone done an Erasmus program? (=study one year in other european University different than yours). Is that consider as "Credit transfer"??? 2) In my credit transfer certificate, from the University where I did one year of my medical degree, my second...
  9. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Hi all: I want to wish all the peoplewho have exam tomorrow ALL THE BEST! and for those who have exam tomorrow in Berlin, we will see each other! Powodzenia!
  10. IMG/FMG Forum
    Hi, I am an old IMG (>10 yrs). Due to financial problem could not start prep. for USMLE before. After MBBS, practised medicine, then did post grad. in Pediatrics followed by research fellowship in Neonatology in Germany and published a couple of research papers. I wanted to know from the...
  11. Sharing Rooms & Housing
    Hi all: I want to ask any places recommended in Berlin?? I am planing to take my step1 in September and now looking for accomodation. I want the place to be cheap, comfortable, clean, and quiet. Good luck studying!!
  12. IMG/FMG Forum
    I am a MG from Germany and just passed step 3. I have done my fellowship in nephrology in Germany but for personal reasons would like to come to US what chances you think I have can Anyone help
  13. USMLE Step 1 Study Partners
    Location Germany Exam date 2012 Gender Preference Male or Female Ethnicity / Nationality German or English native speakers Type of study Will later decide together How to Contact Please PM me Comments -
  14. USMLE Step 2 CK Study Partners
    Location Berlin, Germany Exam date September 2011 Gender Preference Male or Female Ethnicity / Nationality any Type of study Home study How to Contact Please PM me Comments I need a study partner in Berlin, Germany.
  15. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    Hi I'm IV years IMG from Georgia/Tbilisi. I'm just prepearing for my Step 1. Before I do this exam i'd like to know if oversea electives and externships have any kind of significance. I have already done them in Germany 3 times: I. IM ( Cardiology/ Nephrology/ Gastroeneterology/...
  16. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    So I have been reading around in this forum for quite a while and finally decided that I want to take step1. a bit about me I am a 23 year old medical student from Germany, I am in my 2nd year of med school (total 8 semester of 12). I have been doing research to receive my doctorate during the...
  17. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hello, I have difficulties to decide if applying for matching in 2012 or 2013. My history: Gratuated in fall 2008 in Europe, then internal medicine residency in Europe till spring 2010. Independent: Unmarried and no children :o. Step 1 Score with 222/95 in October 2010, CS in April 2011 and CK...
  18. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hello everyone, today I got my Step 1-Score with 222/95. I´m coming from Germany and soon ,after Step 2, I will apply for internal medicine residency. Is the Score good or moderate and how are my chance to get a internal medicine residency in the USA with this Score?! Thanks a lot for help :sorry:.
  19. IMG Residency Match Forum
    PLz anybody knows anything would tell me, I'm an IMG starting my Step 1 study and planning to apply for 2013 match, i don't want to lose time and money for nothing. Really? what I've heard about that there will be no place for the IMG the upcoming years due to increase of AMG and DO graduates...
  20. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Hey I am planning on taking my step 1 in about a year from now. I think I am going with FA and the Kaplan Lecture Notes. Is there going to be a FA 2011 and the Kaplan Lectures 2010/2011 or are the old versions more than enough? For Pathology I am going with "the Robbins", thats what I already...
1-20 of 20 Results