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  1. IMG Visa Issues
    Hi Is it possible to do observership on H4 visa? FYI-It's not a paid one thanks RR
  2. IMG Visa Issues
    Hi, I am in the u.s. currently on H4. and i keep hearing its very difficult to match when on H4. is it true? has anyone done it before? and if so, how to get around it? thanks
  3. IMG Visa Issues
    Hey, is anyone here on H4 visa and applying for the match? i hear its very difficult to get a J1 or H1. is it true? if so what are the ways to get around this?
  4. IMG Visa Issues
    Hi, I am preparing for the steps and currently have a valid B1/B2 visa. I will be getting married to a person who holds H1 visa in the US. I plan to go to US as a dependent on him with H4 visa and give up my B1/B2 status. Will I be able to apply for residency while on H4? If not, what are my...
  5. IMG Visa Issues
    I will be moving to US on H4 visa ...can you plz tell me how can I get LOR there in US coz if one is on H4 you cannot work there.... I have already graduated I can't do any clerkship there...what to do now? plzz help
  6. IMG Visa Issues
    I am holding H4 (DEPENDENT VISA). My doubts are Can I do my residency with H4 VISA or I need J1 visa? Can I do any externship with H4?
1-6 of 6 Results