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  1. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    I have been accepted into a Clinical Research Program @ Harvard Medical School, as I wanted to expand my horizons and develop a much more formal and broad based understanding of research and its importance within clinical context. In addition, a few publications, collaborations, and networking...
  2. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    Hello guys, I have a dilemma kind of got accepted for an elective rotation at Yale and Harvard in Neurosurgery for the Same month, cant decide which to attend, would help if you posted any experiences if you have attended to any of these institutions.
  3. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    hey all, m a final yr student n m new here... actually i m planning to apply for electives nov-dec 2014 at harvards... i havnt appeared for any steps or TOEFL yet... but while going through the university's site i got to know that we have an option of asking our dean to sign a letter certifying...
  4. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    I have already filled online application for Jan- Feb electives and will send the paper docs in a day. The website says to make a 115 USD per month check in the name of 'Harvard University'. I already made one. But today i was going through a mail sent by Harvard which they had sent me after my...
  5. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    Please somebody advice me how to apply for clerkship at Harvard Medical School. The online application form doesnt list my current medical school in the institution search column (ANDHRAPRADESH, INDIA)
  6. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    Anybody who is going to apply for harvard in early 2014???
  7. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    anybody who applied for harvard june 2013 electives?:)
  8. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    I need your advise, I have received two clerkship enrolments 1. Harvard in experimental cardiac surgery 2. pulmonary medicine, Mount Sinai, New York. The dilemma is I wish to apply for internal medicine program, should I go for Mount Sinai as it in line with internal medicine or should I go...
  9. Sharing Rooms & Housing
    I am looking for accommodation for the month of February 2013 near Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre ( Harvard Medical School ) . Can anybody suggest a few options? I got a good one in Roxbury area , but just wanted to know if Roxbury is a safe area to be staying? And is Addington Road a...
  10. Sharing Rooms & Housing
    Hello everybody, I am looking for someone to share accommodation with near harvard for the month of February 2013. Anybody going there at the same time and interested, let me know. Also looking for someone for housing near NW for the month of March. Many thanks, Regards. :)
  11. Sharing Rooms & Housing
    I would like to share an apartment or a room. PM me if interested and we can look for it together.
  12. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    hey guyz m just wondering is this is possible.. Can I (or any IMG) do residency at well known colleges of US like Harvard, Hopkins etc? can I do in any faculty? One more thing is if I want to do residency in some ''X'' program and i do elective in that ''X'' program, will it increase my...
  13. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    I am a final year student of MBBS from India. I have been scheduled for externship in Harvard for November rotation month..this year.:happy::happy: Is there anybody going for a clerkship during this period? Please do reply..:):)
  14. IMG/FMG Forum
    Hi guys, I am a 4th year medical student from Portugal and I have been recently considering pursuing a medical career abroad. I've joined these forums because the US is within my scope. I hope your help will contribute in reaching a decision and also aid in achieving that goal if i ever decide...
  15. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    I would like to know about the telephone interview. How about the question? And how can I prepare for it? :confused:
  16. General Topics Forum
    Hi, Can anyone guide me pls.:confused: I got a clinical research offer from an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard med school (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center). Should I go for it ?? I mean i v come to know that harvard is NOT IMG friendly so a chance of residency in medicine are...
  17. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    How difficult is it to get a clerkship from harvard medical school??
  18. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    is it imp for me to attend clerkship in harvard or internship in my collage . i still not written step 1 , 2 ,3 . now plz tel me which is best options to me.:sorry:
  19. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    Hi docs , My name is Sravan from India, finished the 4 and 1/2 MBBS this month. I have a doubt regarding the Harvard Medical School Exchange Clerk Program , I want to apply for this year. I didn't complete my internship, as I want to do clerkship in Harvard. I want to know that if we do...
  20. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    Hi, I am currently preparing for step 3. I've got good scores in all steps. I've done 2 months of hands on USCE including one month at Harvard and I am going to do one more month of externship with a private practitioner. Do I need to look for observerships after this. I mean will they...
1-20 of 21 Results