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  1. USMLE Apps
    1) please does anyone knows if there is a qbank app for step 2 ck on android? 2) which qbanks are there? Usmleworld or kaplan qbanks or both? 3) How effective are they? Do they crash alot? 4) if there is one? Which is better the android version or the apple version (ios)? Any answers and...
  2. USMLE Apps
  3. USMLE Step 2 CS Forum
    Hey, I want to ask csevideos are iPhone compatible .. do u know how to display them on iPhone , I mean is there a specific application for it or just open as a website to see the videos?
  4. USMLE Apps
    A free software for iPhone users, here the link US residency programs gives a summary of (geographical location & address) across all specialties It is amazingly useful especially when making travel arrangements for interviews and proximity to known places for all applicants. :)
  5. USMLE Apps
    I know, that all USMLE Lecture notes step 1 of Kaplan were deleted from iTunes But if someone has downloaded them through Installous (jailbroken device) the application file (****.ipa) may still be in your device. It will be great, if you can share it, so anyone may install USMLE Step1 on one's...
  6. USMLE Apps
    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, I would like first of all thank all the students that put such important and interesting posts and shared their knowledge too, thank u all. And my question is about the cram fighter application . All the schedules I ve made myself doesn't seem to work and I...
  7. USMLE Apps
    Has anyone used the Kaplan Qbank Iphone app? I tried using it but its not as good. I usually try to do like 10 questions on it after I lay down till I go fall asleep lol I tried clicking the answer for some questions and it didnt click or register the option and ended up giving me "ommited"...
  8. USMLE Apps
    Is there usmle-forums app through which I can log in to the forums and use it any time like the ones for Facebook, google etc.. ? It would make it even easy to check updates go through threads..
  9. USMLE Apps
    Hi everyone! I just saw at apple app store some free apps that might be useful; - rubin's pathology flashcards is down from $34 to free - Moore's Clinical Anatomy Q&A from $4 to free Download now before they have a price increase! :)
  10. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Does anyone use Robbins and Cotran Pathology Flash Cards for Step1? It also have lots of cards representing a case, an image with Qs and explanations. Is it good? Can I use it for practicing Histology and Pathology? Or is it a waste of time? Thanks.
  11. USMLE Apps
    Finally it's here! Native USMLEWorld App on Ipad. released 14 dec. much awaited app by usmle community. Check it out here Looks pretty cool.:cool:
  12. USMLE Apps
    Deja Review, a famous USMLE Review book publishers have made their two most popular USMLE Review Books (USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2 CK Deja Review) available for the iPhone and iPad platform. USMLE Step 1, Deja Review iTunes Description The main objective of a medical student preparing for...
  13. USMLE Apps
    Hi, everyone! Need your help :) I'm going to buy Kaplan QBank for July. So, are there any working promotion codes for discount? I've googled some, but they are expired.. They say, an Iphone application has a code, but the problem is, i don't have one :( Can someone check this app and share the...
  14. USMLE Apps
    hi, which 1 is best for usmle prep ? kindly suggest,, im thinking of buying either of these !
  15. USMLE Apps
    Can I use the same Kaplan QBank Subscription in PC and iPhone app?
  16. USMLE Apps
    Dear everyone, does anybody know where we can download IPOD usmle preparation apps, my friends have loads but he got from a cd and he has already lost it.
  17. USMLE Apps
    guys i want to listen to goljan with two times faster speed on my ipod touch, its same as iphone, so if anyone knows which app or anyway to do it, please tell me asap
  18. USMLE Links & Free Ads
    5th Degree Pharmacology iPhone App from Doctors In Training Do you know more pharmacology than a chief resident? If not - you need this app! Prove that you know your stuff to the 5th degree with: The most commonly tested drugs Therapeutic uses Mechanisms of action Side effects High-yield...
  19. USMLE Apps
    First aid Q&A iPhone app. Has anyone tried it? I am tempted to buy but it's kind of expensive and I can't find well written reviews. I want to solve questions after each chapter I finish but Kaplan Questions book isn't enough for me. Here's the iTunes link First Aid Q&A iPhone App
  20. USMLE Apps
    Lange Q&A for the iPhone app. Has anyone tried it? I am tempted to buy but It's kind of expensive and I can't find well written reviews. I want to solve questions after each chapter I finish but Kaplan Questions book isn't enough.
1-20 of 51 Results