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  1. IMG Visa Issues
    Hello everyone. Im a J1 PGY5 in the US and in a critical situation where Im having trouble getting my statement of need renewed. Ive never had a problem with this before but am in this situation now due to a obscene new law requiring surety bonds co-signed by a gazetted officer of the indian...
  2. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    I am from India I got into a research position. I had some concerns about it. Kindly help me with the following concerns. 1) The 2 year home stay rule? 2) Any drawbacks for residency latter on a J visa? 3) What is a Statement of Need (SON)? Thanks :)
  3. IMG Visa Issues
    hey guys. pls am form nigeria. ust got my ecfmg certification. plan to match next yr. my brother a us citizen started filling for me (a non-us citizen) 6yrs ago. usually takes about 10ys to complete the filling process, so i can get a green card. my question is this-if i come to the us on a...
  4. IMG Residency Match Forum
    How is this letter written? The pdf description from the ecfmg appointment is very basic, I need specifics. Really need help on this!
  5. IMG Visa Issues
    Hello, I am from India. I am joining as a research fellow on J1 research visa in a university for a period of 8 months. My Sevis paperwork from the Univ came to me some time back and I scheduled my Visa interview soon. I have all the necessary documents ready. Can some one who went through...
  6. IMG Visa Issues
    I got a question, ECFMG can give you a J1 visa to get the official USCE but the requirement is that it is for 1 year strict. What if someone gets that visa, works 6-7 months and then gets accepted into residency and decides to change their visa again? Any of you guys have any opinion?
  7. IMG Visa Issues
    I have a question. I am doing peds residency in the US and applied for a fellowship but didnt match. I want to apply again, but because of family issues, I want to go back home in the gap year between residency and fellowship (If I match). I have two questions : 1. Can I come back to the...
  8. IMG Visa Issues
    Hi! I have been searching for this but couldn't find a straight answer. So my question is: You are on j1 research scholar and waived your 2 year home residency rule. After your j1 research scholar visa ends can you apply to j1 clinical? I am so stressed out. I thought that they were totally...
  9. IMG Visa Issues
    Hi I would like to know can I continue research till May on J1 research scholar visa and also process his J1 clinical visa at the same time staying in usa and begin residency on J1 clinical in June? Or do I have to leave research around match day and go back to my country to start applying for...
  10. IMG Visa Issues
    Hey guys, As I'm out of options these days, I thought to turn to my beloved forum for advice. I'm from Palestine, and I matched this year in IM with a university hospital, but I'm still waiting for my J1 visa. It has been in administrative processing since 12 weeks!! The hospital has given...
  11. IMG Visa Issues
    Hey guys. Hope you are all fine. Quick pre-history: I'm originally from post-USSR country with some "specific political direction" due to which it became physically impossible for me to obtain statement of need from ministry of health-care. From here, I have a quick question. Is that possible...
  12. IMG Visa Issues
    Some websites have stated that they do not sponsor visa but do accept ECFMG sponsored J-1 Visa, what does it mean ?
  13. IMG Visa Issues
    Hello all, I am currently a PGY1 at St Vincent hospital in Worcester,MA.I will be getting married soon and my fiance is also interested in pursuing her residency in USA. I am not very thorough with the visa process for J2 dependent visa.If anybodys out there who went through the same...
  14. IMG Visa Issues
    Hi I wanted to know if it is possible to complete residency on EAD issued to J2 visa holders. I know there are issues around the duration of J2 visa and EAD, but do residency programs accept a 3 year EAD in lieu of Green Card?
  15. IMG Visa Issues
    Hi, my husband is on j1 and i m on j2. I willl be applying for this year's match. his j1 will expire in 2015 i.e. after two how should i go, while i apply this year....ll this j2 work or i should apply in prog sponsoring j1....
  16. IMG Visa Issues
    Do we have to pay with having a J-1 Visa or do we pay the countries of origin tax , like in Canada. Also do programs take the tax out or pay in pure for J-1 visa holders.
  17. IMG Visa Issues
    Hello everyone This site has been very useful for me during my preparation and I am thankful to all the members of this forum . I am currently in a huge depressing situation of my life and I will need your help. Things have not been good at my end and I am very disappointed with life. My...
  18. IMG Visa Issues
    i applied last year for green card lottery and was not selected and this year i applied and waiting for the result on may 2013 i heard from someone who went to j-1 visa interview that the interviewer asked him why did u apply for green card while u now apply for non-immigrant j-1 visa, it was...
  19. IMG Visa Issues
    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to know what are the pitfalls if I terminate my current J1 visa and apply for a fresh J1 clinical visa through ECFMG? I do have a 2 year HRR on my current visa. I wanted to know what problem might I face if I terminate the current visa. Is it advisable to go back to...
  20. IMG Visa Issues
    hi friends am on b1/b2 visa wat if i get rejected for J1 visa back in my home country.... can i come to US again on b1/b2 visa
1-20 of 59 Results