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  1. USMLE New Member Introductions
    hey, am a medical student from Rwanda, have a short break before i start my last year of medical school, am seriously interested in taking USMLE and finding a residency program in the US but am also scared of the costs plan is to use as little money as possible while getting the...
  2. USMLE Links & Free Ads
    This is a free collection of free CS videos collection, enjoy it.
  3. USMLE Links & Free Ads
    Hello, I am doing Kaplan Qbank micro now, I keep getting Images about some microbes where can I get similar images to study for step1??
  4. USMLE Links & Free Ads
    Anyone have anatomy websites, not explanations , just diagrams and figures?
  5. USMLE Links & Free Ads
    I am particularly weak in MRIs and x rays interpretation. where to get them from. thanks.
  6. USMLE Links & Free Ads
    hey can any pls help me out where to find new version of goljan audio for pathology ..pls its urgent...thanks in advance..
  7. USMLE Links & Free Ads
    I stumbled upon this qbank. They used to charge, now it's free. Here's the link: There are tips on how to study and how to approach each subject. The quality of questions and the format of the qbank are subpar, but on the upside, it's free!! Happy-2 Warning...
  8. USMLE Links & Free Ads
    hi friends this is some sites they r giving free usmle practice Qs. ppls who r just start with prep...
  9. USMLE Links & Free Ads
    Hi friends, Started study for Step 2 CK. Just found a nice website for dermatology. Its kinda like webpath for pathology. The link is Let me know how do you feel about it.....:)
  10. USMLE Links & Free Ads
    Dr Sajeet Sohi share these Questions that while I was doing them I thought...looks so easy...nothing like USMLE format....but it help me A LOT cause I miss simple details while answering them. This is what USMLE Exam is made from basic give it a try.
  11. For Sale & Wanted Items
    hey guys, is there anyone kind enough who can give me the links of kaplan step 2 ck videos....:sorry:!!i would be really grateful to u .....plzzzzzzzzzzzzz................anyone !!!i am really in need of the link...thanks in advance..
  12. USMLE Links & Free Ads
  13. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Hi guys, I found a website called where cheap stuffs for the usmle are sold. Please guys, has anyone ever bought books from them? Is it fraudulent? Are the books usually in good condition? Pls reply me soonest coz I don't wanna throw my money into the wrong...
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  15. USMLE Links & Free Ads
    Please let me know the free link for hearing heart sounds,lung sounds and images.... Further wanna know which heart sounds are more important normal or the murmurs , nd of which organs,diseases are images like xray,electromicrography etc to be focussed on ...plz respond asp
  16. For Sale & Wanted Items
    please give me a link of a website that shows 12 lead,ECG . . if you have them in the form of images send them on this id [email protected] thanx a lot . . .
  17. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Hi Guys, Since multi-media questions are on the rise, I would like to know which is the best source? Esp for CT/MRIs and for auscultations- THANK YOU!!!!!!
  18. For Sale & Wanted Items
    Cn someone send me a link for offline N.B.M.E FORMS?
  19. For Sale & Wanted Items
    hi, could anybody share the link for kaplan self assessment test. i have one but it is very old(2001). thanks
  20. ECFMG Forum Here you can get the forms, like 187, 344, 345 etc. Except the 183, 186 which you first have to fill the online application through IWA.
1-20 of 161 Results