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  1. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi, First off goodluck to people who are trying to match next month ;) I graduated a couple of months ago from med school in Netherlands, but I'm evaluating my options for a possible career in US. My info: YOG 2013, 25 yo, not taken any of the steps yet (started studying for step 1 one month...
  2. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi Guys, I need some advice about the matching process! I just took step1 (still waiting for the results). I know the score is important :) ! So now I started studying for the CK. My plan is to apply for an IM program (for 2014 is obviously too late). Here my situation: I graduated in 2006...
  3. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hello Doctors: is there anyone knows anyone with failed cs and got IV this match season?? of course not a US citizen or GC holder?? I got 230's in both steps 1 and 2 and CS 2nd applied to 130 prog. according to match a resident list, applied on 19th September, didn't get any single
  4. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi, I'm going to apply for this 2014 Match , and i know it too late . but if i applied Now, Will i be able to edit my application "for e.g Personal Statement " when the SOAP comes! Please you input is valuable. Thanks in advance.
  5. IMG Residency Match Forum
    I am an IMG graduated in 2010, I Had my step2 cs and pass it from first time ,I had my step one couple weeks ago my result are back and I only get 189 :too sad:. Now I am wondering what my chances could be with this score, considering that I am looking for IM...
  6. General Topics Forum
    Hi, many of the postgraduate IMGs decides to take US route after they are done with MD/MS from their home countries. I am one of them i hv recently finished internal medicine residency and am a certified physician in india, I graduated in 2009. I would like to know will my home residency...
  7. IMG Residency Match Forum
    I interviewed at a program that I really did not like very much. I know I can't really be picky as an IMG, should I still express interest to the interviewer? he gave me his email
  8. IMG Residency Match Forum
    im prep for match 2015..i hv few questions 1-I dnt hv visa i cannot do research or usce...can i get interview calls in FM or IM if i score 240 in both steps plus cs passed in first attempt? 2-can we get interview calls if without cs..means if i hv 240 plus in both steps bt has no visa...
  9. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hey guys.. i'm planning on getting done with CK and CS by April'14, and Step 3 by june/july. I had 249 in Step1. i currently have 3 Indian LORs and no USCE. How many observerships and american LORs will be enough to apply for IM?? and should i keep doing them till September, or till the...
  10. IMG Residency Match Forum
    one i pass usmle step 1 step 2 ck, cs...can i apply for matching while i am in my country??or i have to be in USA??if i got interviews...can i get visa based on those interviews?? please need to know that urgently
  11. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hey guys, This question might have been answered previously, but do programs consider applications without the USMLE step 2 CS? I gave it on September 11, and my grade would not come up before December 3rd :S. Would I still be considered for interviews? Thanks
  12. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Can someone please tell me that what is Int Med IM/FIG (Categorical)? Thanks!
  13. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hello all: As titled, do we have to apply and pay all the fee at one time or we can apply 10 programs today, and 20 tomorrow??
  14. IMG Residency Match Forum
    hey , guys so here is my situation : step1 score 218 , step2 : 235 CS taking it on october 15 , US clinical experience : observship , externship for morethan 20 months YOG: 2008 i know i got little chance without CS but applied this year because next year i'm going to be > 5 years graduation...
  15. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi, Anyone know about program code for categorial , primary care physician ?
  16. IMG Residency Match Forum
    I wanted to ask, documents like medical school transcripts and the degree, as asked for by some programs, are sent directly from your desk? As on myERAS page there is no space to upload such documents (there is space for transcript but not for degree). So additional documents like degree are...
  17. IMG Residency Match Forum
    So, how and when do you pay? I'm lost.
  18. IMG Residency Match Forum
    what is NRMP how is it different from eras do IMGs need to register with both organisations??
  19. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi all, I have been following the IMG IM thread and have noticed that an issue came up with "Repeat applicants". This has made me very worried. Can someone please help me out? I applied last year around December. This was obviously too late. I sent in my application to only 50 programs and...
  20. IMG Residency Match Forum
    How will I search IMG friendly hospitals and their requirements? I just started using freida but the hospitals listed don't say if they accept IMG's or max YOG etc. Can someone pls direct me
1-20 of 48 Results