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  1. IMG Residency Match Forum
    So after many years of off and on study, I passed usmle step 1 with 227..Its not good i know. But i think it was the maximum i could achieve. I had a family to afford along with that. I am 2008 graduate from Pakistan. Please advise me should i continue or not? Only positive for me is that i have...
  2. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Dear all: We are all who are striving for a chance to prctice in US, so, even you fail again, again, and again... if you are a positive thinker, are you still fighting for your dream? The answer most likely is yes! So why bothering ask about your chances? Especially you read threads here and...
  3. USMLE Step 2 CK Forum
    Hi! My scores are as follows: 231 - Step 1 236 - Step 2 CK Step 2 CS - to be taken I hold a Canadian passport and I am a FMG. I have 4 LoRs: 2 from the US (after 8 weeks of cardiology externship) and 2 from home country (one of which is from a board certified doctor; 6 weeks of nephrology...
  4. IMG Residency Match Forum
    What are my chances if I got really good score on step 2 in matching in Family Medicine Urgent please...Too depressed I swear :(
  5. IMG Residency Match Forum
    My step 1 score is 209, CK is 217 and cs in second attempt and green card and an IMG .. what are my chances? no usce
  6. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hello, I completed MBBS in 1996. Worked till 2003 in India and then move to US. Stayed home for years. Recently, when I searched for information, it appeared, I do not stand a chance of getting into residency. I have no connections. Do I still have a chance? Thanks
  7. IMG Residency Match Forum
    hi i got my step 1 score yesterday and now i am wondering if i can get obGyn residency.I am IMG(indian) with 211 score without any kind of US visa as of now. i am planning for step 2 CK in june 2014. It would be a great help if i could just get to know what are my options and how can i improve...
  8. IMG Residency Match Forum
    I have recently moved to USA. I am an old graduate but done with all the steps and ecfmg certified with permanent status (green card ) willing to go any where in (remote areas ) etc. any suggestion. I am doing observership in Houston nowadays
  9. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hey guys! I think the title of the thread is pretty self-explanatory!! What are the chances of getting into a residency program with just the USMLE (Step 1+2)? And when I say that, I mean really high scores (250+), no publications, no USCE..should I even bother doing the exams?
  10. IMG Residency Match Forum
    I am from India and currently final intern year of MBBS. I have got paeds electives at harvard for the month of January. I cant to do more than one moth of electives because i have got an extension in internship and with just one month extension my date of graduation will slip to last week of...
  11. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi everyone, I have given step 1, did not clear it and didnt get any elective so far. I am currently working on 2 research papers in my home country. As an IMG, is it advisory for me to continue with the second attempt of the step 1, extend my internship for longer and continue in the same path...
  12. IMG/FMG Forum
    Hi. I am going to speak on behalf of my friend here. She graduated in 2006 from Medical College in Pakistan. Step scores in 250 and CS passed. All in first attempt. She doesn't have any prior USCE and she is applying for observership in hospital in Texas. What she actually wants to know is if...
  13. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hello DR's I'm a IMG need visa, my credintials 232,235 CS 2nd attempt, 3 months hands on USCE, 3 US LOR 1 waived applied on 19th September to 130 IM program, till now I didn't get any IV just 2 on there still hope?? should I try next year if I didn't make it this year??? what...
  14. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi everyone! I had a question about the ranking process...Hoping some of the more experienced members could help me out.....:) If your significant other is already at a place (husband/wife, different specialty, same hospital) and is committed to starting a 3 yr fellowship at the same hospital...
  15. IMG Residency Match Forum
    hello i am old grad have completed MRCP(UK). Can anyone say that MRCP(UK) will help getting residency. pl let me know.
  16. IMG Residency Match Forum
    dear forum , can anybody help me?i tried to prepare for step1 twice and twice i didnot get courage. now i think i should go ahead and take the exam in march 2014..graduation year is 2009. i have been doing clinical practice in my home country, pakistan. i am hearing the situation of...
  17. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi , i am a first year resident in psychiatry, I went through neurology rotations and some how i feel that this speciality is the best for me. Can i apply for neurology as pgy2, i am a green card holder, done with all steps. Any advice please....
  18. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Guys as we know the IV season is heating up.. I just have a question regarding the trend according to which IVs are being granted - a few of my friends have scores 235+ in both . YOG 2012 ..have no IVs as yet. -another 2 friends have scores 220s ..But YOG 2013 ...have many IVs.. Don't know...
  19. IMG Residency Match Forum
    hello doctors, are there any success stories for IMGs matching or at least getting IVs (this match) with a second attempt on CS :rolleyes: ? my scores are 230+ and hopefully i will apply next match :o
  20. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    what are the best possible ways to improve our profile of low scores?
1-20 of 493 Results