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  1. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Dear Everyone I was wondering whether a masters degree in public health or health sciences add weight to your application for residency? What are the masters programs that program directors like to see in applicants?
  2. General Topics Forum
    Hi, I'm an IMG in the US and I'm preparing for my steps right now. I will be applying for the 2014 match and I thought it might be a good idea to pursue an MPH in the meantime. But because, I'm on an H4 Visa, online degrees are probably my best option for now. Is it any good though? I was...
  3. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi guys, I know MPH can raise someone CV in residency application, but my question is, only US - MPH or even Non US-MPH ? help please. thanks
  4. IMG Residency Match Forum
    I applied for Masters in Public Health (aug 2013) in UNITED STATES and got calls from many universities like USF etc My sole aim of applying to MPH is to have some US medical experience while doing Mph so that i can get a match in Residency (do MD). For applying to Residency programs next year...
  5. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    I have step 1 score of 248. YOG: 2012 IMG. No contacts. No research/publication to my name. I want to get into MPH program so that I can make contacts and get to know about the US health system. I believe It will boost my rather plane CV. with match getting tougher each year, MPH would be...
  6. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi all I've been trying to get into I.M. residency program but unfortunately with no luck:o, and now there's an opportunity to pursue a Master degree in public health. I would like to know what you think guys? what are the advantage and disadvantage to change my educational direction from...
  7. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hey.. what will help you getting residency in surgery? masters in public health (public health alone is of so many types!) or biophysics?
  8. General Topics Forum
    i need some help here .. one of my friend told me that doing MPH has strong positive effect on your residency application . i just want to make sure that is there any benefit of doing MPH or i will try for research work or observationship as i have full one year to complete my step 2 ck and do...
  9. General Topics Forum
    What are the career opportunities other than doing USMLE especially for IMGs?
  10. IMG/FMG Forum
    hey guys.... i really need some help on this... i am a FMG, currently going through the Residency application process.. in case i dont end up with residency, i am planning on getting in to MPH course, which will boost my chances of getting in atleast 2-3 years down the lane... I searched for...
  11. IMG Residency Match Forum
    If I take up MPH in fall 2012 ( August-Sep ) , can I apply for residency in September 2013 for the March 2014 match? Am I allowed to apply while doing MPH simultaneously? the 2 yr MPH course will get over by April-May 2014, so can i start the residency in June 2014? Thanks!
  12. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hey guys, i am an IMG.. with low scores.. :( but i have applied to many programs this year. in case nothing shows up, i want to pursue MPH.. to get some research experience as i am interested in research... i heard something about the programs , that the ones in North are way too costly, and...
  13. General Topics Forum
    hi! I have graduated in feb 2011. If i were to enroll in an MPH program which starts in FEB/March 2013 and completes in FEB/March2015, I could apply for a residence in sep 2014. Would that make me an old graduate? Will that gap from clinical medicine ( although i plan to do externships during...
  14. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi, I recently went to an Internal Medicine conference, where many of the program directors informed me that research experience only counts if you have something published, otherwise it doesn't really mean anything. What's better is if you do a Masters of Public Health (MPH) (which is a one...
  15. IMG Residency Match Forum
    does mba/mph help out in the residency process???:notsure:
  16. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hey everyone, it's my first time to post something in this forum..I really like how people here are so helpful to each other..I'm a medical student still and planning to take my step 1 by the end of this year.. I want to know if residencies are available for IMGs in public health and health...
  17. General Topics Forum
    hi, i will be a graduate in 4 months...i was thinking of pursuing MPH?? but what i want to know that what is the general exams requirement fpor MPH admission?? does usmle scores are sufficient for in getting into?? or i need to take GRE and TOEFL? thankz
  18. General Topics Forum
    hi i finished my internship 6 months back i am confused about wat to take a mph degree which is 2 yrs or do a phd prog which is 4yrs or so in US. i appllied for both got both. suggest me pzzzzzz:eek::eek:
1-18 of 18 Results