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  1. ECFMG Forum
    hi i am Pakistani i did my medicine from chinese right now am doing internshiip in pakistan i filled out online application n they generated a form 183 for me as my school doesnt participate in web portal so my question isss before sending it to china to my university do i have to notarize or...
  2. USMLE Step 3 Forum
    Hi guys, I am applying to step 3 and I have this CID Certification which is required to be certificated by a notary public. As I am not in USA, I would like to know where can I have this certificated? Can I have a home country notary public certification?
  3. USMLE Step 3 Forum
    HI! I got an email saying that the CID form i sent through mail for step 3 application is incomplete as there is no date of the notary's signature. The notary official filled out everything leaving no spaces blank. Should she mention the date again beside the signature? Please let me know if...
  4. USMLE Step 3 Forum
    Hi, Could someone please clarify if my step 3 identification form can be attested by any notary public or only an US affiliated notary public? Some say it can be done from the US embassy but there are no notary publics in the embassy. There are only counselors that attest documents. So my...
  5. ECFMG Forum
    hey guys, i want to apply for USMLE part 1, already have USMLE i.D number. the problem i am facing is i graduated from a med school which is not in my home country and now i am back in my country and practicing here. I checked and my school is in i MED list. i came to knew i need to...
  6. ECFMG Forum
    I filled in my form 186 n got it notarised, but the notary person put 80% stamp on my picture and 20% on the form...its like my lower half of the face is covered with that okay...? Please somebody respond....
  7. ECFMG Forum
    hi, am in the u.s. presently and am applying for step 1. i am about to send my forms to my school in india. i read somewhere tat if u r in d u.s. u shud have it signed by notary and also by school. is tat true? i dont remember the clause in the application.
  8. IMG/FMG Forum
    Hi all members Where I can find a notary public in Egypt ??? I want to sign an application for Ohio medical License and USMLE step 3 application .... What do they mean by notary public ? My best regards
  9. ECFMG Forum
    guys...when i took print of form 186 by notary public...i came to know there is sign of public notary and title what is meant by title..? do the stamp on the photo and the title means the same or different...? and do the signature of the public notary should be there on both on our photo and...
  10. ECFMG Forum
    Hey guys, I've just applied for the CS and the ECFMG is asking me to submit Form 186 (my medical credentials have been verified already). So I chose to get the form signed by the notary public. Now, it says on the form that only "Consular Official, First Class Magistrate, Notary Public, or...
  11. ECFMG Forum
    I about to send my 186 form that has to be signed by a notary public and my medical school official. Is any notary public able to sign it? or has the ECFMG a list of authorized notary publics such as they do for medical school officials? Thanks for the help.
  12. ECFMG Forum
    3 weeks after ECFMG received my form 186, they mailed me Dear Doctor: The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) is unable to process the Certification of Identification Form the reason- Your Certification of Identification Form (Form 186) must be signed by an appropriate...
  13. ECFMG Forum
    Hi, This forum helped me big time understanding the process. So just thought of sharing my experience, that may help others in same boat I am in US right but I am an IMG from India. I created my ECFMG ID back in September and completed USMLE application in December. I used 186 (Notarized...
  14. ECFMG Forum
    I have a few questions about form 186: Click image to enlarge Is that the place where the Notary Public must put the Stamp ? All information that stamp contains is in native language (NOT in English) - what should I do ? Do I have to translate the Stamp info ???? 2) How should the Title of...
  15. General Topics Forum
    Where can I find a notary public in Chicago, IL? I'm from Egypt and I'm on a B1/2 visa.
  16. ECFMG Forum
    Hi everyone! Just want to know what doea SIGNATURE in LATIN CHARACTERS mean? it is on my FORM 186 which I have to get signed by the Notary public..and what about the Title portion? do I need a seal on the title column? Please if anyone know about it, plz help me. And also does the size of Form...
  17. ECFMG Forum
    hi i have a question, when getting the form 186 notarized by a notary public, where exactly he has to sign. its just the place where it say notary signature or both there & below the pic. b/c i got them both done. 2nd question is where it says title of the notary, does he have to put his stamp...
  18. ECFMG Forum
    I got an email from the ECFMG saying my form can't be processed as the seal of the notary is not on the photograph on form 186... I live in California and that's how the notary does it here....this is stressful....
  19. ECFMG Forum
    Dears, Am out side my home country now and I need a notary public to certify my form 186... should I head to the embassy of my country for certification or it is better to go to US embassy and certify the form by their notary public? Thanks for help
  20. ECFMG Forum
    Hi! The official authorized to sign the form 186 is away. Can I get the form signed by a Notary Public instead in my country (not USA!)?? And if I get it notarized does the "form 186 for school official" have to be filled in later by the school official at a later stage?
1-20 of 21 Results