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    AMC vs USMLE vs PLAB
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    i just found out that theyre changing step 2 cs passing standards at the end of this year my exam is on the 10th of january ifeel unlucky for doing ck and cs after all these changes anyone else feel the same
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    Hello my fellow doctors, This is an amazing forum, i am an img, 3yrs since graduation, had been thru some personal difficulties, but now all geared up for step 1..i love my profession...but there are still some times when one feels low...and cherry on the cake, y do some people bother to...
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    Dear IMGs (who are inferior to the AMGs and hence sit on their ass for > 6 months for step 1), I need help. How do you manage exercise time in your study schedule? Whenever I think about exercising I get very guilty about the time I will be losing by not studying (esp. since am in the last 3...
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    hi everyone !! i m new at usmle :S still searching if it is gonna be really good for me or not. actually i had never thought about it before till my ex boyfriend put this idea into my mind.. but now, he is gone and i m on my own. on the other hand , i thought maybe i should consider usmle as a...
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    Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!!! Relax today and enjoy your day... :happy::)):rolleyes::D:p
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    hey guys i was wondering for jokes related to usmle..LOL :)) JUST CHILLAX... /for a minute lets see who has best joke ever....:happy: nm..:D:D:D:D :rolleyes::rolleyes: :)):)):)):)):))
21-27 of 27 Results