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  1. IMG Residency Match Forum
    I was disappointed with my Step 1 score because my last NBME gave me a 247, and I hear about a lot of people getting scores in the late 40s or 50s. With a score of 233 on step 1, do I have good chances of psychiatry matching? Especially since we hear everything gets more competitive every year...
  2. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi Guys Im a UK citizen and currently doing my mandatory 2 year foundation training ( which is 2 years of residency style work- various medical specialities/ gen surgery etc..pure hands on clinical work. Im interested in doing the steps and applying for psych. Would i need US experience?...US...
  3. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi guys, My first IV! I am kinda nervous any feedback about the Virginia Commonwealth University program? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks.
  4. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hello all Psych applicants: I would like to practice with sb who is also going for Psych IV. Lets practice together and rock together. if you are interested pls pm me. GL
  5. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi all: I am looking for an advice. I have an interview there and this is my only IV..if you have a slight idea on what i am gonna have please share what you know.. what kind of essay i may have? what kind of medical Qs they ask? My God reward you for helping someone like me
  6. IMG Residency Match Forum
    I have no background in psychiatry. I have no observership in psychiatry, no LoR from psychiatrist, but from physicians from other specialties. Do you think I can apply for psychiatry?
  7. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hey everyone!!! I have a few questions abt psychiatry: 1- i plan to apply for psychiatry as i have heard that its img friendly. But i dont have any experience of psychiatry or any LOR for it. will i be able to get anything out of it still 2- is it very competitive, same as IM or FM? 3- what...
  8. IMG Residency Match Forum
    In general I have seen that IMGs going for Internal Medicine apply to at least a 100 programs to be safe. How many would be sufficient for Psychiatry, assuming decent scores and a decent CV? I am thinking 60-70 programs.
  9. IMG Residency Match Forum
    This threads is dedicated for Psychiatry 2014 Match Applicants. You can share how you are preparing for the Psychiatry Residency Matching. You can also later share your news of getting interviews and/or rejections and anything related to your Psychiatry Application this matching season...
  10. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hello..I need some information regarding psychiatry residency. How long it is, what type of cases do u see.. fellowship in psychiatry....where do u stand among other fields.... i need some information.... anyone who is doing psychiatry residency please help meout....thanks :)
  11. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hello everyone, My question is, What is the bare minimum needed to guarantee a match in psychiatry? Do I have to pass step 3 before I apply for interviews? I'm in the process of studying for step 2 CK and Im trying to plan my schedule so that I will match into psy on the first round. Thanks...
  12. IMG Residency Match Forum
    I'm planning to match in psychiatry in hopefully 2015. I want to get into a high tier residency, MGH for example. I have interests in global mental health and global psychiatry and plan to pursue a fellowship in global psychiatry after completion of residency. However I am an IMG with no US...
  13. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hello everyone, In these modern times, how difficult is it to match into psychiatry for a IMG? What are program directors looking for when they call for interviews? Is there a cut off score? Any information regarding any of these and related stuff will be highly appreciated.
  14. IMG Residency Match Forum
    I got steps 1 and 2 CK scores of 249 and 214 respectively, what are my chances to match to psychiatry?
  15. USCE & Clinical Rotations
    i am graduate looking for a psychiatry oberservership/externship..?can any one provide the list of hospitals which offer those?..thx in advance.
  16. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hello, I have applied to 109 Psychiatry program, so far I have gotten 4 interviews (UAB, LSU, St. Elizabeths, Uni of Toledo) but for the past 2 weeks, I haven't gotten any more interviews?! I heard a bulk of the interviews come in the middle to end Oct, but it's already mid-Oct. I was hoping...
  17. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hello, Up till a week and a half ago, i was receiving invitations to interview. I have 4 interviews for psychiatry programs. But all of a sudden everything kind of seemed to slow down. So, I am wondering if I will get some more? Is it still early? How late into the season are invitations sent...
  18. IMG Residency Match Forum
    I have been reading almost all the posts in this forum and I think here is a great place to share our experiences and get emotional support from each other. So I decided to start a thread for 2013 Psych applicants. Here we can share our credentials and later on our interview experiences and...
  19. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Is it a good idea to apply to psychiatry as a backup to IM though I have no relevant experience in it? I only have USCE in IM and corresponding LoRs. And is it easier to get into than family medicine? What do you think?
  20. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi all, This is a question that's quite common among many of us, can you apply to psychiatry residency without USCE, or with USCE but in a field other than psychiatry? Thanks.
1-20 of 44 Results