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  1. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi, I was wondering..I want to get into a surgery program in the US. Let's say I work for free. in addition to a good CV with high usmle scores..which means they accept me as a resident in their program but unpaid..I dont have a problem with that as long as it increase my chance of getting into...
  2. IMG Residency Match Forum
    one friend told me before that u should have money enough for life expenses during 1st year of residency as u will not get paid until the end of 1st year..i.e u will receive annual salary not monthly that right??
  3. General Topics Forum
    Hi guys, What do program directors think of residents wanting to leave their program and transferring to another more academic/research based program, so that eventually they have a shot of getting a fellowship spot. I am talking about IM and its sub-specialties. Thanks
  4. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Do they take the money out of the paycheck ? DO they do it for people with J-1 Visa or H1-B ? I heard is less for one. Also how much do they take out. Can we put things like spouse/children/housing/food to expenses.
  5. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi i would like to know if taking break after PGY1 for about 9 months is permitted ? do hospitals even do that ?....can i skip that one year and apply for PGY 2 at the same hospital/or diff hospital the following year ? or do i have to start all over again ?.and what would be my chances of...
  6. USMLE Step 3 Forum
    Hi, Can a residency program kick you out, if you fail step 3? Thank you
  7. General Topics Forum
    Dear Doctors is there anyway of knowing the cost of residency programs in different colleges. Also, if one takes the exam in Texas, can one apply for residency in the other states as well or is it limited to Texas
  8. USMLE Step 3 Forum
    So I was wondering if scores in step 3 matter if you have already scored a spot. :confused:
  9. IMG Residency Match Forum
    This is a document that I created after I had completed my internship. This was my attempt to help interns perform well during internship. Internship is a time when you need a quick reference to deal with common issues on the floors. Hope this is of some help!
  10. IMG/FMG Forum
    Hello everyone! As I searched throughout the forum I didn`t find any discussions on this. But I think the problem is actual as Hep C is a world-spread desease, and doctors are not secure of it either. So the question is: can a person with hep C become a physiсian in the US? If yes, what...
  11. IMG Residency Match Forum
    hey, I have a question pretty important for me. I know that residency programs do not expect any procedures from an IMG before residency starts. They are supposed to learn them during the residency. But what about Ultrasound and other bedside imaging? will they learn it during residency or...
  12. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Don non-American citizens IMGs get paid while doing their medical residency? If so, is it under a J1 or a H1b visa?
  13. IMG Residency Match Forum
    is it possible to take time off during residency? do they let u do it? :(
  14. USMG Residency Match Forum
    i am colour blind but i can manage my daily activities effectively. is it okay joining into residency or there are any i can face any problems
  15. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi guys, I wanted to know that how much stipend can we get in general during the residence in USA? I know it depends on the branch, place... but still as a general ( almost , about..)
  16. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi guys I got prematch in Psychiatry in a very good program this year. Actually this year I had applied to 100 Internal Medicine programs and 15 Psychiatry programs. I got 16 interviews in IM and few interviews in Psychiatry. My credentials are: STEP 1: 232 STEP 2CK: 241 STEP 2CS: PASS STEP...
  17. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi all! I was wondering about the intern schedule. I understand that work hours will be almost 6 am to 5 pm every day except when on call, but what about weekends . when do I get weekends off?
  18. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Guys after matching what we have to do and prepare? for example (find housing, car,etc) also what about the W-2 letter and how we sign the contract with matched hospital?? thank you.
  19. IMG Residency Match Forum
    I have an idea, please guide if its practically possible. I will take which ever residency I get then reapply the next year. if i get a better residency next year, I will change my residency next year. Is it possible? the reason i will do this, i want a very good residency at the best institute...
  20. IMG Residency Match Forum
    after taxes and insurance. salaries range 52000-55000 in NYC. Can I survive with this salary. Thanks
1-20 of 43 Results