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  1. Site News & Announcements
    We are pleased to share the news with you. Our Facebook Page has crossed the 100,000 likes landmark! Thank you for your support and making USMLE Forums the most active USMLE online community on the web. -
  2. Site News & Announcements
    Today we noticed that Conrad Fischer (The USMLE teaching Superstar) has recommended USMLE Forums and tweeted about it! click image to enlarge This is pretty amazing and we are quite proud of it. -
  3. Site News & Announcements
    Dear members, We have activated our mobile website today and we hope it will provide satisfactory experience and functionality to our mobile members and visitors. TapaTalk App: USMLE Forum no longer support the Tapatalk app for any platform including iPhone, iPad, Android, and other mobile...
  4. Site News & Announcements
    Dear members, We have ended our agreement with USMLE Consult Qbank in providing free subscriptions to our monthly contest winners. We apologize for our August 2012 winners as they did not receive the codes. We will be looking for alternative for our great winning members. Sincerely,
  5. Site News & Announcements
    We have now over 5,000 followers in Twitter! Our Twitter page is always updated with the latest interesting threads and USMLE News, it's a great way to follow us without the need to search through our main website. Follow us on Twitter 5,000 people did! -
  6. Site News & Announcements
    We have noticed that many of our members (specially IMGs) face challenges when it comes to preparing for the communication and language part of the USMLE Step 2 CS Exam. Therefore, we've added a new set of subforums and we called it USMLE Step 2 CS Prep Tips. Under the category we included...
  7. Site News & Announcements
    Dear USMLE Forums members and visitors, We noticed in the recent months an increase in the number of posts advertising the sale of pirated materials such as Kaplan Medical, Doctors In Training, USMLE World products and others. In addition, there are members who are referring other members to...
  8. Site News & Announcements
    Dear USMLE Forums members, This is to announce that I will be leaving the USMLE Forums as I got very busy with my residency life. I am so sad that I can't keep up with the forums anymore. However, am sure that the remaining staff and the newly joining staff will make sure to keep this beautiful...
  9. Site News & Announcements
    Dear members, Today we launched significant changes to our home page and we also added several new forums, moved, and deleted others. The new home page now list all the forums (and subforums) including the new forums. Tag Links from the home page: The new home page also now have links to the...
  10. Site News & Announcements
    Dear members and visitors, I wanted to let you know about USMLE Forums and how it is different from other forums. There are of course several other forums out there such as,, and to mention some of...
1-10 of 10 Results