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  1. USMLE Step 1 Study Partners
    Hello, Location Shanghai, China Exam date 3/2023 Gender Preference Male or Female Ethnicity / Nationality English-speaking Type of study Online - Emails - Zoom - WECHAT How to Contact Please PM me Comments Target: Kaplan Qbank, AMBOSS & FA
  2. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    My eligibility for step 1 ends on january 31st. But I wont be ready for the exam by then, so I was wondering if i could cancel my eligibility period and reapply. Because i can not wait for the eligibility period to end and then reapply.
  3. General Topics Forum
    Hi, I have a question about canceling the exam I registered for on Dec 31, 2022. I've extended the eligibility period to March 2023 and hope to have a rescheduled exam at that time. May I ask about the effect of canceling the current appointment and rescheduling a new one for next year? Thanks...
  4. USMLE Step 1 Study Partners
    Hi My name is Hani (He). I am prepearing from Scratch and targetig my step1 in 1 year If anyone interested to start with me from scratch , please let me know. HMU Thanks :)
  5. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Hi, my Step 1 application is processed and complete. When will I receive scheduling permit for exam? Also if I apply for Step 2 CK, will my medical school need to verify me as a student again? (I have already graduated from my medical school and verification process took about a month for Step 1).
  6. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Hey everyone! So I'm an IMG from India and I had booked the eligibility for my Step 1 as Oct-December 2022. While applying for the same I was a student. However I am now a graduate and would like to extend my eligibility period. My college participates in EMSWP and I wanted to know if when I...
  7. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Private message me for details
  8. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Hi! Spouse of a medical student here! I have seen firsthand how medical school tests and exams can seem like an impossible challenge. You spend hours studying and feel like you don't remember a thing... or you do well on one test and then a month later can't remember any of the content. You...
  9. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Hello everyone, I am selling my world account only 9% used , RESETTABLE, renewable and two unopened UWSA . It is valid till January 2nd 2023. My price 249.99US dollars , negotiable. Contact me via telegram or WhatsApp on +962796233623 , or [email protected] if you use email. Thank you
  10. For Sale & Wanted Items
    UWORLD step 1 Qbank for sale expires 21-3-2023 reset option is available. price 300+USD Contact me here or at [email protected]
  11. USMLE Step 1 Study Partners
    Trying to get thru first aid within 2 months (first time). If anyone is interested, please reply. Will most likely be working from zoom. NY time zone. So please lmk.. I am able to study throughout the mornings to evenings (10 am - 4pm) even after if need be.
  12. USMLE Step 1 Study Partners
    Hey, I’m a non-US IMG, just moved to the US, TX recently and I’m actively looking for a study partner to get ready to pass step 1. I’ve been studying on and off, had to take a big break due to personal reasons (marriage, visa issues and the war) and I feel like my knowledge is quite weak. I’m...
  13. USMLE Step 1 Study Partners
    hey guys i've an idea to make a study group for the ppl wanna do the exam of step 1 at the end of this year just to encourage everyone and this my e-mail gl everyone [email protected]
  14. USMLE Step 1 Study Partners
    Hi, I am a final yr medical student from India. Planning to start my preparation for Step 1 from April, 2022. Need a determined study parnter for preparation preferably from India. I wish to take the exam at end of 2022. If anyone interested please contact [email protected]
  15. For Sale & Wanted Items
    UWORLD step 1 Qbank for sale expires 21-3-2022 reset option is available. Contact me here or at [email protected]
  16. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Hey guys! If anyone needs help with anki please let me know Id love to help. Took me awhile to watch videos and figure out a non complicated way to use anki to the max. If anyone is struggling pls do reach out. Thank you! (I do charge 5 dollars) so if that’s okay with you we can proceed 💕
  17. USMLE Step 1 Forum
    Hey guys, I'm pretty good at making personalized and detailed schedules either monthly or daily keeping in mind of what resources you would be using, how much time you would be using to prep for an exam, and what type of learner you are. If anyone needs help please feel free to reach out! (I do...
  18. USMLE Step 1 Study Partners
    Hey guys, I hope it’s okay to post here but I’ve been studying for step 1 for a couple months now and got really lonely so I made a discord group to connect with others and study together etc. if anyone else feels similarly I would love for you to join the discord server as well, I’ll post a...
  19. USMLE Step 1 Study Partners
  20. USMLE Step 1 Study Partners
    HMU if you want a study partner for STEP 1
1-20 of 28 Results