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  1. USMLE Step 2 CS Study Partners
    Anyone? Please PM me. Thanks.
  2. USMLE Step 2 CS Study Partners
    Looking for female study partner in the Urbana-Champaign area. Please reply to this thread if interested.
  3. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi Friends, Did anyone interview at University of Illinois, Urbana for IM? It will be great if you can share your experience. What are the program highlights? Thanks in advance.
  4. IMG Residency Match Forum
    Hi Friends !!! I was doing research on one internal medicine program- University of Illinois-Urbana. But strangely, there is no information in FREIDA about number of positions,etc. unlike other programs. Even their website has no information about number of positions, salary, fellowships...
1-4 of 4 Results