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    This is a program where people (mostly IMGs) who may or may not have prior research experience are given basic skills of research ,you will understand how to write a research paper and publish it through this program, we guide you through the entire process of writing and publishing.This way you...
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    Q- Extrapyramidal side effects develop after the use of haloperidol due to its effect on which of the following receptors? A- Alpha-adrenergic receptors B- Dopamine receptors C- Muscarinic receptors D- Nicotinic receptors Q- Which of the following is the main action of carbidopa when it is used...
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    Q- A 57-year-old man presents to the ER complaining of sudden dizziness and heart racing for 2 hours. He is a CEO of a big corporation and those symptoms started during a stressful meeting. At first, he felt irregular heartbeats and ignored it but he felt dizzy soon after and his staff drove him...
1-3 of 3 Results