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  1. IMG Visa Issues
    hi I am an IMG graduated 2009, did step1, CK (waiting for results), i want to apply for visa have all documents ready sponsorship from US citizen, Invitation letter from a good University for observership, been to US previously twice returned back on time but my only negative issue is that i...
  2. IMG Visa Issues
    Hi, I will be applying for visa to the CS, this December, but i am not employed anywhere, I only have my step 1 written, and my visa consultant told me not to mention any ties in the US (BUT, I do have relatives).....can anyone pls tell me whether i should apply now or should i wait...i am...
  3. IMG/FMG Forum
    Hi guys, I don't know if any one has faced such a question. currently my husband 's GC process is going on and our i485 is being filed. I wanted to know if it is OK to do an observership or externship on h4 visa. i wanted to do voluntary work in hospital, but our lawyers advised against it...
  4. IMG Visa Issues
    hi every one..if my visa for cs gets rejected ..i have the option of applying for green card and waiting for3 yrs..but is it ok to write cs after u give step 1 & 2 three yrs back ?? will it affect ur chances and please tell me what to do during this 4 yrs wait? should i just work in my parent...
  5. IMG Visa Issues
    I was preparing for step 1 but my Visa was Rejected B1/B2 in may...i was thinking to visit my friend in NY,but couldn't able to succeed.Most of my senior told me that dreams of Mr SAM IS OVER FOR ME.But still with cut throat competition in delhi, even if you complete your PG from india ....after...
  6. IMG Visa Issues
    What are the chances of getting visa to do observership in USA? if u already gave step 1 and step 2 CK?
  7. IMG Visa Issues
    Can one stay for 4-5 months in the US on a B1 visa if there is a valid 6 months stamp on the visa? Is it a problem to tell the visa officer that you will be doing an externship along with giving your CS exam, specially when doing it through companies like fmgportal or americlerkships? Would they...
  8. IMG Visa Issues
    I am an IMG from India. I would like to know which visa I need to take in order to give step 2 CS in the United States and that visa will last for what duration? After getting in to the residency, which visa will be needed to stay in the United States?
  9. IMG Visa Issues
    Hi there, Does any one know if applying for diversity visa program affect my application for B1/B2 visa, do they consider this intention to immigration or there is no problem ? and if i win the DV , can I apply for non immigrant visa till the procedures of green card is over?
  10. IMG Visa Issues
    I am new in this forum and have very little knowledge about usmle me from asia desire for working in usa my question is- if I get residency after passing step1 step 2 cs, then am I eligible for visa? and i am eligible for visa for how many years?? during my residency will i be paid per month...
  11. IMG Visa Issues
    plzzz help.... hi everyone i think many of you might have faced the same issue as am facing now:toosad::toosad: and i know few of you made the way... now its my turn..plz help me guys..................... :D:D:D am img done with my step 1 and will be giving step2 shortly (before dec 2011) ..i...
  12. IMG Visa Issues
    hey i am a final year med student .. i and my mother applied a visa to attend baptism of my brothers son ... it was rejected ( lack of adequate ties... our father died a year ago) ... so is my chance of getting a visa decreased next time when i apply for steps? is it better that i drop the...
  13. IMG Visa Issues
    I am going to be married to a US national girl. I am from Pakistan. Please tell me through which visa, I can enter USA in shorter time??? I have heard that immigration process takes around 1 year and i have no time for that. plz give sincere and authentic advices. thanx
  14. IMG Visa Issues
    Dear friends I would like to know whether I can take usmle part 1 in UK with a PLAB 2 visa please? Thank you
  15. IMG Visa Issues
    Hi! my question is regarding visa and I am very confused.:confused: I am currently on H4, but we recently applied for green card and we were issued EAD. Now there are multiple issues; Should I write pending aplication for permanent residency, but there is no gaurantee that we will be issued...
  16. USMLE Step 3 Forum
    Hi all I am planning on doing step 3 in Nov. I have some questions : -When you apply for step 3, do they give you a visa letter as in CS ? -If I don't get a visa to enter USA, can I have a refund for the fees? -If my planned exam date is on Mid Nov, when should I apply? -How long do you have to...
  17. IMG Visa Issues
    Does anybody know which visa is best for research? I have been told J1 visa is good. Would it be possible to spend 1 year on a J1 visa, return to home country for a year, and then start a residency on an H2B the following year? I have heard that it is not possible to apply for a visa within...
  18. IMG Visa Issues
    what should I write in visa requirement section when my GC in under process and i already got document of parole and work permit.. :( I am applying for match 2012
  19. IMG Visa Issues
    Hi guys, I need your insight on this one. I'm planning to book a flight for July, now I don't know if its better to get an open ticket or schedule a return flight (if so, how long? Or what is the best duration before the flight back home, I was thinking 4 months so that at least I get to stay...
  20. IMG Visa Issues
    Hi there, Is visit visa OK to take CS exam? Thanks in advance
1-20 of 74 Results