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There are many methods to score highly on the exam. However, most of the popular methods usually have the same problem. They are impossible to do without discipline or motivation. They work for high achievers but for people who struggle with time management or attention span they are not effective. The 10,000 question method is one of the least talked about methods but it is also the most effective.

I did not come up with the method. 5 years ago when I was looking for advice to study I learned about the method on a forum just like this. I chose the method because it was simple, easy to stick to and didn't require multiple books. I did 10,000 questions in 6 weeks. My baseline NBME score was a 228. My final score was a 264.

For years I have tried to get people to try this method but could not convince them. It wasn't until I met other people who scored a 260 and asked them how they studied that I realized that this method is what they all had in common. That and the miracle flashcard software called Anki.

I have used this method and it has worked on students no matter what level they start at. The reason is that unlike other schedules it is actually achievable. Most people can't read all the books they set out to read but almost everyone can do at least 100 practice questions a day. Just for reference I did 200 practice questions a day in 10 hours to cover 10,000 questions. After doing that many questions there was no question I would see that I hadn't seen before. When you add in the anki flashcards I could drill myself on facts as many times as it took to memorize them. The method was so efficient that I have used it for every exam since then.

The science behind the method is proven. Just look up Malcom Gladwell 10,000 hours theory. Most of the study plans students try cannot get them to elite level not because they are not effective but because most students cannot realistically follow them. Most people cannot cover all the material that you would have to cover to master the test by reading books. But that same material is easy to cover when its in the explanation of a question where you can put it in context.

If you are interested in hearing more about the method contact me. I am looking for students who want to go through the method as an intensive course who want to use hard work to score in the elite >240 level that the success is not from a study method but from superior intelligence or memory.

The program is 6-8 weeks with daily follow up, anki pre made flashcards, q banks included and 20-40 hours of 1 on 1 tutoring. I am taking 5 students. First two students get the first 3 weeks free. This is ideal for students just starting their studying. There will be weekly NBMEs with target of a 20 point increase.
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