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Hi folks,
Many of you are embarking on this USMLE journey starting with Step 1. Here I suggest 10 steps to get to the 1st step of the USMLE marathon.
I wanted to write before this rich and tough life experience fades away in my memory, serving only me! So, here it goes.......

1) Do you really want to do this ? Now? Why?
If you answer I want to be a doctor - ooops !! wrong answer…… already are one ! Half the battle was over before you got selected for medical school right? So there are some unique qualities about you that destined you to be a doctor. The actual question is do you want to be a doctor in the USA - why? Is it worth the trouble for you and your family? At what cost will you be achieving your dream if you started now?
Are you better off focusing on what you are doing right now for a living /studying and will focus 100% on USMLE later when you are more settled - maybe when your spouse gets a job or when you finish medschool! Lots of sacrifices involved especially if you are in a family (so all those under your parent's wings don't even think of giving an excuse!) Were you a good student, average, or a bad egg - doesn't matter - the question is, are you willing to put in your best for this exam (for a bad egg it is a good time to get your basics down - another God given chance!. We are talking about lives at stake here people... For oldies like me (1996 grad) - it is a time to rejuvenate yourself with new information that emerged while you had your babies, as your medical books got laden with dust, built your family, had an alternate career etc etc.)
Bottom line if you decided YES - you should feel like a superman or woman now. The task ahead is hard, rough road where you are going to feel ups and down, sometimes tears,sometimes anger , sometimes helplessness sometimes feeling like giving up, sometimes so close to being there but still not confident…….during those times come back to this question WHY?

2) Pack up your excuses - even good ones!
Oh! I am prime example…….no one to study with, full time job, a kid to manage …….no family in USA to help … I had a pity party for myself and gave all these excuses whenever I would start and stop studying ! The fact is only when I stopped giving excuses did I make slow and steady progress. Do know where that ends, right? Remember the tortoise story……?

3) Are you ready for the game?
If you take it as a burden…….believe me, it is burden….. if you don't take it as a burden …… is still a burden……but the good thing is it is lighter!

If interested in reading the rest of the article please click on the link below
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