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Hi guys,
I was just wondering if I am prepared to take this exam in 12 days based on my scores and preparation...I've already moved the exam twice (was supposed to take it end of December)

Preparation time (around 4 months): Since beginning of October- and for most of med 5 prior
USMLE world- finished twice- First time concurrent with studying= Mid 50s. (3.5 months ago). Second time ~80%
Kaplan Q bank ~65% (finished 1 month ago)

First diagnostic NBME 1 (4 months ago)= 190
NBME 2 & 3 (3 months ago)= 203 & 202
NBME 7 (7 weeks ago)= 205
UWSA1 (6 weeks ago)= 220
NBME 5 (5 weeks ago)= 217
NBME 4 (3 weeks ago)= 227
UWSA2 (last night)= 240

I have done Kaplan for physiology, pathology, pharmacology, biochemistry.
I have done most of RR by Goljan- done his audios twice.
Have done pretest vignettes.
Done DIT twice.

I really don't want to move the test again as my school is waiting for me to start clinicals...I'd appreciate any input- thanks so much :)

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Go take it now

Don't push it further, you are now at your peak, go take the exam as soon as you can and if you postpone it further the knowledge will start to fly away from your brain.

That's my opinion
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