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Hi guys I gave my exam on 3rd may in LA....
I got my results today..n I PASSED I am so happy...:):happy::).. now I m preparing for step 3.......

Study time: 15 days
No SP, practiced with brother and parents
Did USMLEWORLD and FA and csevideos
I found the prep a bit nerve wrecking..cause I was very anxious about how is the exam....I was focusing more on data gathering....that was my weak point
I got higher performance in all categories...super happy
For few who don't know about csevideos, take my advice its worth the money spent.... especially for an IMG....not that we don't know English but u to talk, gestures, way to ask a question so that its framed well it teaches u all this thing.....
hey so pls if anyone who got their results today or will get them soon post ur comments....bye
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