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This threads is dedicated for Family Medicine 2011 Match Applicants.
Please share your news of getting interviews and/or rejections and anything related to your Internal Medicine Application this matching season 2010-2011.

It would be appreciated if you also mention your credentials in the following format:
Step 1 Score (attempt number)/Step 2 CK Score (attempt number)/Step 2 CS pass (attempt number)/IMG vz AMG vz CMG/Graduation Year/USCE yes or no/Visa requirement (J1, H1B, Not needed)

-95(1)/99(2)/CS(1)/IMG/2007/No USCE/J1
-88(2)/92(1)/CS(2)/CMG/2005/USCE, three months externship/GC
-93(1)/95(1)/CS(not yet)/AMG/2010/US student/Citizen

IMG= International Medical Graduate
AMG= American Medical Graduate or Student
CMG= Caribbean Medical Graduate
GC= Green Card
USCE= United States Clinical Experience
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
Not open for further replies.