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2014 kaplan ck lecture videos

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Hi, I need your advice please, I am trying to buy usmle ck lecture videos and I found some dvds on amazon and another one selling some lectures on e bay on flash memory , do these things work ??? if not where can I buy these lectures videos from?? I finished my step 1 without any lectures videos and I got a bad score, I am trying to prepare better for this step. please I need help before buying them, thank you friends
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lecture videos alternative

You could purchase the High Yield series for Step 2 CK directly from Kaplan. It's subscription based like U world. Go to It is more affordable than the original live lecture videos. The only negative is that it is taught mostly by residents and some faculty, not like the original live lectures that are taught by Faculty that have a lot more experience, but overall, they're pretty good videos with slides.

Good luck!
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