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Wow nice experience brain15! It looks like all the hard work paid off! I hope you will get what you want with that score! Happy-2

Do you think this plan will work if you didn't take step 1 yet? You said Step 1 will make you breeze CK and that makes me a bit scared.

I made a separate topic on that today about that situation. I am faced with taking ck first because of scheduling and trying to figure out what to best do. Before people were able to do this but I hear it's not like years ago.

I was going to do all the lecture notes from kaplan and maybe the mtb 3 unless the lecture notes have all the information that mtb 2 + 3 have from your experience. Will rapid review or first aid step 1 or studying side by side usmleworld step 1 + step 2 in subject and organ system help? I can try and read only the explanations for usmleworld step 1 and try to find the clinical things?

With the clinical series and nbmes, was there a good resource that helped in doing those questions? I hear UW is much different from the other official practice exams.
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