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Hey congratulations on such an awesome score !! :D
I had few qs, please find some time to rep.
-Do you think biostats & psych is enough if i do these two from tiki taka notes & UW?
-Clinical mastery series u did online? Or do u have them offline?
-Which nbme would u suggest to take 1st? I plan to do only 2 online, so plz tell me the order in which i should do them?
-U mentioned u did all the nbmes so how did u manage time with them? Did u start doing them from the beginning of prep or in ur last mth? Plz elaborate a bit.
-Lastly i am doing UW qbank these days i started off with getting 55%..then moved onto 68%..but that's fluctuating b/w 55-60% :( , my exam is in mid June & i was planning to take 1st nbme in apr end, so would u suggest me to do an nbme now in apr end? or should i wait until my uw qbank score gets better? Also i haven't yet completed IM review so maybe that's a reason for my low UW score but anyway plz advise..

I apologize for so many qs, but plzz rep..
Thanks & Enjoyy :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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