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50% More Clinical training at no cost!!!

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It is that time of year again!! It is the final month of the year and we have a special offer for those who are applying to the scramble in 2011 or the Match for 2012.

December will hold the largest and most drastic promotional offers and I am so happy to be able to share this with you. For those that complete their full enrollment (notarized documents must be received and at least your first payment made) before the end of the year, there will be a 50% clinical rotation increase!

This means if you enroll in 16 weeks of rotations, you will receive an additional 8 weeks of training included automatically into your program!! This obviously will save all of my new doctors a very large amount allowing everyone the chance to be able to participate in the maximum number of weeks of training.

Your success means everything to us and we would not continue to be the leader in our industry if we did not sincerely care about the final goal, residency!

So in light of this fact, we are also including document revision programs for our doctors enrolling this month. For 16 weeks or less you will receive a CV revision along with 1 other document revision of your choice (either 1 personal statement or 1 residency application)

For those enrolling in 20 weeks or more, you will have all documents included (1 CV, 1 PS, 1 application)

So you will be receiving 50% more clinical rotations plus document revisions :) I hope that this helps you!!!

You can contact me if you would like further information :)


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