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Upcoming Session from January 4th 2016 - February 14th 2017

At Medical Legends, we offer a 6 Week Live Step 1 Preparation. Our intensive courses are designed to fully prepare each medical student to take the required USMLE. At Medical Legends, we customize the schedule for each student.

Our Step 1 Live Preparation course focuses on basic science theory. While you probably learned many of these topics in medical school, this course offer a thorough review that will prepare you for the USMLE Step 1. This exam covers more than 5,000 medical concepts, and it is our job to break them in a easy way where you can understand. We will provide a comprehensive study plan and provide high-yield lectures.

Our live classes are scheduled with a successful Tried & Tested Study Plan that's convenient for all students throughout the 6 Week Live Preparation.

Benefits of Live Prep Course:

o 100% guaranteed pass rate
o Receive comprehensive study plan and high-yield lectures
o 1-1 personalized training sessions in addition to group lessons
o Diagnostic test to evaluate the student before stating the live lectures

Structure of Our Live Class:

o Maximum 6 - 8 students per class
*Small class sizes to ensure students receive the personalized teaching for higher chances for success

Only 6 spots per class - Reserve your spot today!
Enroll today! Contact us at 312-883-8555 or email us at [email protected] for more information. Please visit our website
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