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CS exam is designed to ascertain candidate's ability to converse with the patient(SEP), put across to him/ her the right set of questions(data gathering& questioning skills) and give an adequate physical exam(ICE) in order to reach to a diagnosis, and is able to explain how will he/ she will be managed,and come out of the encounter and write down everything in form of a document(patient note) and while doing these steps, candidate is suppose to be professional, build a rapport and should communicate to display optimum interpersonal skills.....this all description might look easy to some and too much to prove for some but I HAVE DEVISED A TECHNIQUE TO HANDLE ALL OF THESE COMPONENTS more efficiently,15 minutes that you get in patient encounter are very crucial , every minute counts, so i have made a flowchart that takes care of this crucial time all by itself, without you worrying for it, so you can concentrate on your weaknesses, which relieves you of a lot of stress, and in most exam takers, stress has been found a major factor causing failures, try my technique, meet me at accurate777, my skype ID
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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