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1-day-old neonate has hemolytic disease of the newborn. The parents are both Rh-positive, but IgG isohemagglutinins are found in the mother's blood. Which of the following parental blood types is most likely to cause this condition?

Mother blood group - Father blood group
(A) A - O
(B) AB - O
(C) B - A
(D) B - O
(E) O - AB

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this type of reaction occurs mostly in o positive pregnant women....normally BG O pregnant women hs both Anti A and Anti B antibodies but they r of IgM type so can not cross placenta....but she can produces IgG in response to A or B antigen from fetus....
here mother is O + so her genotype would be OO
and father is AB so genotype AB
so fetus will hv either OA or OB genotype...leading to either A or B antigens....
when mother comes in contact with fetal blood...she will produces IgG antibodies to either A antigen or B antigen....cross placenta..and lead to HDN....

hv a look at this site...
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