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Yes, definitely you can get observerships and externships from private clinics. In fact, most of the IMGs doing USCE they do it in private clinics.

Ask your Uncle to find for you a hands-on opportunity in any hospital or clinic that he may have contacts in it. Then tell him that if he cannot find such a thing then your next target is to shadow and observe physicians to get familiar with the US health care system.

University affiliated US physicians are much aware of extersnhips programs. But those burried in private practice for years may have forgotten or essentially not aware of the externship issue.

Big hospitals such as University hospitals usually have set criteria and lots of paperwork (such as Visa status, vaccine records, application forms, LORs, ...etc) in order to get into their externship or even observership programs. While small private clinics may not have such stringent requirements and it may suffice to know the physician to go there and watch him/her dealing with that patients.

Yes, you can get two LORs from a single clerkship/rotation from different doctors that have seen you there. But it's always better to have different locations for the different LORs that you have as this will make your application stronger.
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