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Dear friends,

I noticed in other forums that everybody is talking about FMGAffordable to get externship opportunities in order to increase their matching chances.

I know two friends that have signed up with FMGAffordable. They gave me seriously bad feedback.

Here is the list of "dangerous" problems

FMGAffordable does not provide hospital externship and only provides clinic observership.
The LOR's come from Indian doctors only and no Smith or James will be writing for you the LOR.
Their website was not updated since 4 years.
I tried to call them several times and nobody is answering.
Couple of US based physicians in Maryland told me to stay away from them.

More importantly, the physician behind this service is named Barry Mehta has been sentenced by Maryland court for fraud and stealing money from Medicaid! If you don't believe me have a look at this Attorney General press release here
Cross match the address mentioned above with the address mentioned in FMGAffordable website here

Honestly, this is not a revenge from FMGafffordable and I don't run a competing service and I have nothing personal with them. I am just posting this information for you to be aware as I hate fraud and I don't want people to be trapped.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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