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Here's the list of absolute contraindications to Breast Feeding:

  • Infants with galactosemia.
  • Mothers who use illegal drugs.
  • Mothers infected with HIV, human T-cell lymphotropic virus type I or type II, or who have an active herpes lesion on the breast.
  • Mothers taking any of the following medications: radioactive isotopes, cancer chemotherapy agents, such as antimetabolites, and thyrotoxic agents.
  • Breastfeeding mothers should avoid alcohol. An occasional drink is acceptable, but breastfeeding should be avoided for 2 hours after the drink. Mothers with untreated varicella should not feed from the breast, but in most cases pumped milk can be fed to the infant.

Commonly Mistaken as contraindication are the following:

Women who have cesarean deliveries: Initiate breastfeeding immediately, using a semirecumbent position on the side or sitting up.

Women received vaccinations or live with vaccinated children: Neither inactivated nor live vaccines administered to a lactating woman or other family members affect the safety of breastfeeding for the mother or infant.

Women who take medications: Most medications can be taken while breastfeeding. Consult product prescribing information and
the LactMed Database about specific drugs:

Women who had breast surgery: breastfeed frequently to maintain milk supply. If the surgical wound is painful, the other breast can be used but monitor infant growth because milk supply could be insufficient.

Women who have hepatitis A: Initiate breastfeeding after infant receives immune serum globulin, and then vaccinate at 1 year of age.

Women who have hepatitis B: Initiate breastfeeding after infant receives hepatitis B immune globulin and first dose of the 3-dose
hepatitis B vaccine series.

Women who have hepatitis C: Hepatitis C is not a contraindication for breastfeeding, but reconsider if nipples are cracked or bleeding.

Women who have pierced nipples: Remove nipple accessories before feeding to avoid the risk of infant choking.

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non affected side onyly....??

Excellent list!

Another "commonly mistaken for a contraindication" is mastitis - even though the initial infection often arises on nipples chapped from breastfeeding, continued feeding can hasten its clearing, and there is no risk to mother or child.
yes but from the non affected side onyly.........or .....from both as well...?????
and if the former have to get the milk of the affected side out by the pump suction.....??
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