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One of the important points during the SP interview is to address the patient in his/her name consistently and not just only during the introduction.
Write the patient name on your blue sheet and keep saying it to yourself before entering the room.
Here some example when you may repeat the patient name:

  • Hello Mr. James ....
  • Mr. James, am really sorry, that must have been very difficult for you ....
  • Mr. James, am going to examine your head and neck .....
  • Mr. James, I suspect you have ....

This repetition of the patient name enforces rapport and will 100% get your SP check that point for you "Did the examinee correctly addressed the patient name?"

The reason am stressing this point here, is that I noticed some colleagues (specially Asians) frequently use the words (sir and mam) as these are the adequate respectful words there in Asia. But here in US, these words may not be appropriate and they are non specific and do not enhance rapport. Furthermore, some young ladies may find "mam" annoying or even perhaps insulting :)
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