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hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum.
i have some questions i want to ask and any help would be appreciated!
I am planning to do step 2 and I started studying for it, but i need help with which books to study from.
after reading some posts I think the most suitable is :
MTB 2 & kaplan for IM (im also watching the kaplan videos)
MTB 3 & kaplan for OBGYN & peds
surgical recall for surgry
and kaplan for psych
ofc i wanna do UW after im done.
is that enough? im planning to do the exam in 4 months.

I also have first aid and step up to medicine, but i havent seen good reviews here... are there any specific topics i need to read from these books? or should i just ignore these?

also, i was wondering how many questions for each topic there are in the exam? like how many IM vs psych, surgery OBGYN & peds?

Thank you, and sorry for the long post Happy-2
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